Wisconsin Innovation Service Center at UW-Whitewater (WISC)
Wisconsin Innovation Service Center at UW-Whitewater

Market Research Solutions

Use WISC research to better understand the competition and to improve your company's position in the marketplace. Gain insights into competitors' advertising, pricing, and positioning strategies. Discover what sales practices, distribution methods, core competencies, and unique capabilities may be supporting their market dominance. Delve into their management, facilities and expertise to see how your company compares.

Develop more effective competitive strategies as you:

  • Identify target customers
  • Uncover the key products featured by competitors
  • Explore industry and market trends from the perspective of related companies
  • Benchmark your plans and priorities relative to other industry players

In a competitor analysis, WISC:

  • Works with you to develop a project scope. Together we'll establish criteria on the number of companies, type of product(s), NAICS codes, and/or geographic area to analyze. 
  • Performs a competitor search of several databases, buyers guides, trade association directories, and other resources for direct and indirect competitors.
  • Conducts a patent search of assignments to companies identified above with full text and/or abstracts, depending on relevance.
  • Works with you to develop interview questions, then conducts phone interviews of all selected companies (20 or more).
  • Analyzes relevant industry trends via interviews with experts, trade association reports, published market studies, and other sources as needed.
  • Creates a competitor matrix that displays competitor intelligence for quick comparison purposes.
  • Develops a summary report that analyzes research results with comments on potential competitive advantage(s) and recommendations on possible next steps.

To view sample Competitive Intelligence Search reports, click the links below.

Competitive Intelligence Report Sample: Warhawk Technologies, Inc.

Competitive Intelligence Report Sample: Woller Biological Foundations

These projects can be customized to expand the number of competitors involved and level of analysis.

Contact WISC today at 262-472-1365 or innovate@uww.edu to learn more about Competitive Intelligence research.

Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of new products at an early stage saves time and money and enables you to focus on products that are likely to succeed. The best time to find out that a product idea is likely to fail is early in the process, before too much time and money have been invested. For products with promise, having an objective, third-party evaluation may result in stronger investor interest. The New Product Assessment looks at market need, trends and competition that would affect the likelihood of product success. When applicable, an expert opinion on any obvious technical feasibility issues will also be obtained.

WISC researchers:

  • assess market need and trends based on access to extensive databases and university library holdings including trae journals;
  • interview key players in the industry to gain first-hand, objective insights into what your potential customers value most in products like yours;
  • conduct a preliminary patent search that helps identify similar products that may be coming onto the market in the near future and provides you with a list of patents to review for degree of similarity to your design.

Note: WISC does not employ attorneys. The preliminary patent search is not menant to provide a legal opinion on whether your product will be eligible for a patent.

Greater Small Business Success

New product development studies continue to show a strong relationship between early-stage market assessments and profitable new products.

NPA Report Components:

Competition Review

An assessment of your major competition to review what makes your product unique. We'll review a variety of print and online directories and databases, as well as perform a preliminary patent search to uncover any existing similar products. Then we'll follow up by phone to a few selected companies with the most closely related products and patents for the most up-to-date literature and product information. 

User Need Estimates

We'll use our industry contacts and/or an analysis of published market studies to assist in estimating the true market demand for your new product. Interviews with target market experts provide insights into what your customers want. 

Trend Reports

Analysis and summery of relevant trends (e.g., industry, regulatory, and/or demographic) accessed via trade association reports, published market studies, and other sources as needed.

Technical Feasibility

For some product submissions, when functionality may be an issue, WISC will secure a preliminary review of the concept by a technical consultant to estimate whether the product is likely to perform as intended. 




6 to 9 weeks (30 to 45 business days)

Sample Reports

Click on the links below to view sample New Product Assessment reports. 

New Product Assessment Sample:  Warhawk Therapeutic Technologies

New Product Assessment Sample:  Automatic Playing Card Shuffler

New Product Assessment Sample:  Wander Away TattleTale

Starting a New Product Assessment Project

Download a Confidential Disclosure Agreement form.

Contact WISC today at 262-472-1365 or innovate@uww.edu to learn more about product assessments. 

A Market Expansion Could Be In the Future for Your Business

Want to diversify your customer base by identifying markets that would be a good fit for your company's capabilities? During a CDA research project, WISC researchers will compile lists of companies within target industries and conduct interviews with up to 15 representatives to determine key success drivers. Customized surveys inquire about criteria for supplier selection, customer preferences, and competitive landscape. By understanding market trends, WISC research helps you pursue the best opportunities for successful market expansion. Deliverables include a custom prospect list of companies by market sector with contact information.

Find new customers through top-notch market research. Your business can survive and grow by reaching new customers through a market expansion.

A Customer Diversification Assessment can help you to:

  • Replace lost business
  • Diversify across industries
  • Reduce vulnerability to market downturns
  • Focus on the best market segments for your company
  • Find and reach new customers in new markets

The Wisconsin Innovation Service Center (WISC) brings 30 years of expertise and internationally recognized quality to every project. WISC develops and implements customized research plans to fit the specific strengths and needs of each company.

As part of a Customer Diversification Assessment project, WISC researchers will conduct interviews with a sample of target customers and access premier information sources to complete the following:

  • Discovery of market sectors with greatest growth potential
  • Analysis and summary of trends in the targeted markets
  • Identification of potential new customers
  • Determination of key drivers of purchase and supplier decisions
  • Presentation of a custom prospect list including contact information

A typical CDA costs $3,300. That may vary depending on the project specifics. Projects are usually completed within 45 to 60 business days (9 to 12 weeks).

Click here to see a sample Diversification Assessment report..

Work with WISC to create, implement and interpret "voice of the customer" surveys to fine-tune your market strategy. Customer surveys can range from in-depth phone interviews with current customers to brief interviews with potential customers.

Customer assessments enable you to:

  • Refine product and service mixes to better meet customer needs
  • Recognize emerging profit opportunities
  • Understand your company's position relative to competitors from the customer's perspective
  • Pinpoint strategies for drawing customers away from competitors

In customer assessments, WISC:

  • Works with you to develop a project scope. Together we'll establish criteria on the number of companies, type of customer (for new customers), NAICS codes, and/or geographic area to analyze
  • Performs a search of several databases, buyers guides, trade association directories, and other resources (electronic and hard copy) to help identify potential customers, if needed
  • Works with you to develop a customer survey targeting your interests, then contact companies to seek phone interviews (15 typically)
  • Summarizes survey results in written and matrix form with conclusions to help you make profitable market strategy decisions moving forward

Customer Assessments can be customized to expand the number of customers involved, the methodology, and/or the level of analysis. The cost for a typical Customer Assessment is $3,300, but it may be more or less depending on the scope of project. Contact WISC today at 262-472-1365 or innovate@uww.edu to learn more about Customer Assessments.