World Music Festival - Maria Pomianowska and ReBorn

September 19, 2017 | 4:00 PM - Presented by Young Auditorium and Cultural Affairs

Ticket Prices: FREE Event (ticket required)

Maria is an outstanding multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and composer from Poland, dedicated to string instruments both classic and contemporary. Initially a cellist by training, Maria is also a masterful sarangi player, and is renowned for resurrecting the suka and the Plock fiddle (traditional Polish instruments dating back to the Middle Ages).

Among music groups inspired by traditional music, ReBorn is a very special ensemble. Four women belonging to 2 generations are playing reconstructed and formerly forgotten Polish knee chordaphone fiddles. This is the only existing band using such instruments in different sizes. Therefore the concerts of ReBorn give a unique opportunity listening to the sound of a past tradition, not to be heard anywhere else. Unusual is the fact that band was created only in December 2015 but their CD "Voice of Suka" immediately found itself on the prestigious British Songlines -Top of the World list (April 2017)

Presented in Partnership with the Polish Cultural Institute New York