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Major Myths

Misperceptions about Choosing a Major

A number of misperceptions exist that interfere with choosing or committing to a major or career. Don't let assumptions and misinformation hold you back. Take this short quiz and learn the truth to some of the more popular myths about choice of major.

1. My major will determine my career.

2. The career that is right for me now will be right for my whole life.

3. I need to be absolutely sure this major is the right choice.

4. Most students enter college "decided" on their major.

5. I should complete all of my general education requirements before starting my major.

6. I'll love every class in my major.

7. To become a doctor or a lawyer, I have to major in Pre-med or Pre-law.

8. All I can do with an English, history, or language major is teach.


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Adapted from "The Myths and Realities of Choosing a Major," University at Buffalo.


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