Academic Affairs



  • Enter room # and, if applicable, the lab/class name (i.e.; , Hyer 420 - Provost Suite)
  • Discipline is the College and Department (if applicable)
  • Enter all necessary information in the spaces provided on the form (do not attach). 
  1. Place estimates in proper columns and rows on table. (don't forget to total)
  2. Write a description of the changes in educational process needed.
  3. Give justification for that need
  4. Provide a statement on how project meets the needs of students with disabilities (consult with Disabled Student Coordinator).
  5. List the hours that lab will remain open (if applicable).
  6. List any other sources of funds available (if applicable).
  7. Describe the remodeling requirements by listing the projects and estimated costs for each. *
  8. Describe the equipment requirements by listing the items to be purchased and the estimated costs for each. *

All purchases must be ordered by April 1st.

*For projects that are being funded by more than just 114 (lab mod) funding, please place an asterisk (*) by the items being purchased by lab mod dollars.  This will assist in tracking as well as ensuring that appropriate items are purchased via the guidelines. 

NOTE:  Forms for Continuing Costs are no longer available.  Please ensure that all continuing cost purchases are for previous or current lab/class mod projects.


Office of Academic Affairs
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800 West Main Street
Whitewater, WI 53190
Phone: 262-472-1672  
Fax: 262-472-1670

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