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University Faculty/Staff Academic Advising Award

The University of Wisconsin - Whitewater honors a teaching faculty or instructional academic staff member who has demonstrated outstanding performance in the academic advising of students. The award was initiated in Fall 2003 to recognize an outstanding faculty or staff member for the academic advising of students in the colleges.  

All nominees will be honored at a reception sponsored by the Chancellor and the Provost and receive a framed certificate. The recipient of the award will:

  • Receive a monetary reward
  • Have his/her name and photograph displayed in the Andersen Library for a year,
  • Be recognized at Spring commencement, and
  • Receive recognition at the Chancellor's welcoming speech for the Fall semester.

Nomination Process

Each college  nominates one candidate for the annual University Faculty Academic Advising Award and will develop its own criteria for selecting a college nominee. 


To be eligible, nominees must:

  • Be a teaching faculty or Instructional Academic Staff member
  • Have a minimum of three (3) years experience as a UW-W academic advisor
  • Not be a previous recipient of this award for the past two years


The criteria for this award include a commitment to advising and student success as well as demonstrated excellence in advising which may be addressed in both the narrative or advising summary.

Participation in individual advising (which may include):

  • Annual number of advisees (identify if part of load, required each term by department, if advising holds are utilized)
  • Availability to advisees
  • Frequency/methods of contact with advisees
  • Appropriate referral activity
  • Use and dissemination of appropriate information sources
  • Supportive attitude toward advisees
  • Participation in and support of advising interventions
  • Monitoring of student progress toward academic and career goals
  • Mastery/understanding of:
    • Institutional regulations, policies, and procedures
    • Academic record interpretation
    • Curriculum
    • Credit transfer issues
  • Programmatic advising (course planning and scheduling, time to degree planning, graduate degree audit)
  • Developmental advising (discipline related planning, career advising, post graduate preparation)

Participation in group advising activities/events (which may include):

  • Organization/participation in department/unit group advising or convocations
  • Participation in advising activities beyond departmental advising responsibilities such as serving as a University Master Advisor, College Master Advisor at Warhawks SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration) sessions/Transfer sessions, as a student organization advisor, etc.
  • Development/maintenance of advising support materials (advising check sheets, advising informational handouts, digital information)

Participation in Professional Development Opportunities (which may include):

  • Participation in advising professional development activities and programs
  • Participation in professional advising organizations
  • Advising related honors or awards

Participation in Advising Assessment (which may include):

  • Development or implementation of assessment strategies
  • Perception by colleagues and advisees of nominee's advising skills
  • Advisee evaluations (if available)

Submission of Application Materials

The following materials need to be submitted by each college to Allison Prather, AAEC Associate Director, by February 15:

  1. Nominee's personal narrative on advising activities and evidence of excellence in advising (no more than 2 pages).
  2. Nominee's statement of advising philosophy (no more than 1 page).
  3. Advising summary including nominee's resume or vita limited to advising related activities and current position (see criteria).
  4. Letters of support (4)
    • Letter of support from department chair and/or other faculty/academic staff or advising staff.
    • Two (2) letters of support from current or former advisees or alumni (indication of advising success)
    • Letter of support from Chair of College Award Committee or College Advising Coordinator
  5. Complete the Faculty and Academic Staff Awards Nominee Submission Form by March 1 that includes:
    • Information about the nominee and the award under consideration,
    • A one-paragraph biography of the nominee for inclusion in the award program (150 word maximum).

 If materials are missing, an individual's nomination for this award may not be considered.

Selection Process

There are several stages associated with selecting the University Advising Award.

  • There is the nomination by the College.
  • Selection by the University Advising Award Committee.
  • Preparation of advising portfolio by University nominee.
  • Submission to NACADA by College/Unit.

Submission of Materials to the Office of Provost

A list of nominees needs to be submitted by the committee to Dr. Kristin Plessel, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, by March 13. Decisions on all awards made by the selection committees are due by no later than March 31.


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