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Centrally-Funded Professional Development Program (PDP) Guidelines

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In order to assure the continued development and excellence of its personnel, the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater employs a program to invest in professional development and professional travel opportunities.  This program is not intended to be used as support for research materials, supplies, or equipment; separate funding should be sought for these research expenses.  As resources allow, a centrally-funded Professional Development Fund pool will be made available on an annual basis to each UW-Whitewater division for distribution during the fiscal year.  Faculty, Academic Staff and University Staff are eligible to apply for funds to be used toward professional development.   

Guidelines for Professional Development Funds (either provided by campus or from divisional sources) are outlined below.

  1. Each employee must submit a request for using the professional development funds prior to gaining access to funding, including the sources of funding for the entire intended expense. This should be provided on the Professional Development Fund request form and submitted to the division head or their designee for approval prior to the expense being incurred. An alternate approval form may be used, with approval from the division head.
  2. Professional development and professional travel requests are restricted to job-related or career development opportunities.  These include training, workshops, conferences, non-credit coursework and presentations of papers or research.
  3. With consultation and approval of the division head, dean, and supervisor, professional development funds may be used to purchase alternately delivered forms of professional development such as books, videos, and journal subscriptions.  The purchase of supplies for use in research is not included within this policy and should be sought using other funding sources.
  4. Job related courses for credit should defer to the tuition reimbursement policy. [Note: There is a tuition reimbursement moratorium during for the 2020-21 fiscal year.]
  5. Requests for the use of funds should be submitted in a timely manner and professional development activities must be completed prior to June 15 in order to ensure that expenses are coded to the correct fiscal year.  If funding is used for travel, a Travel Expense Report (TER) must be completed and submitted for reimbursement no later than the June fiscal year cut-off for all travel reports.
  6. All funds expended for professional development must meet all standard purchasing requirements and travel must meet travel guidelines.  Any incidental personal expenses incurred at the time of the professional development activity will not be reimbursed. 
  7. Professional development funds cannot be accumulated across fiscal years.  Any funding remaining in the organizational accounts at the end of the fiscal year will revert to campus central reserves.
  8. It is expected that an employee utilizing professional development funds while on sabbatical or other leave from campus, will return to employment after the sabbatical/leave is completed.
  9. Costs in excess of the campus allocation will be the responsibility of the employee. 
  10. Without pre-approval, expenses must be covered by the employee.



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