Purchasing Card

The Purchasing Card is a tool for agency employees to use to make low-dollar purchases for official agency business needs. It allows your agency head to delegate the authority to purchase low-dollar items directly to you, the designated card holder, enabling you to purchase supplies faster and more easily than before. You will no longer have to create a purchase requisition prior to buying qualifying items. Instead, you may purchase these low-dollar items ($5,000 and under) with a VISA credit card issued in your name.

The VISA Purchasing Card payment system is an individual bill/central payment system. You, the card holder, receive a monthly account statement for information and reconciliation purposes only. An electronic billing file is sent centrally to the account system, together with a summary of all charges with supporting detail. Accounting makes one payment to VISA on behalf of all card holders. Expenditure transactions are processed through the agency's accounting systems and posted to various accounting code combinations.In brief, a purchasing Card is:

  • Authority granted by the agency head to individual state employees
  • For official state use only
  • Authorized for purchases $5,000 and under
  • Authorized for use with only certain categories of merchants and commodities

A Purchasing Card is NOT:

  • A means to avoid appropriate procurement or payment procedures
  • A card to access cash or credit
  • For interagency or intra-agency transactions
  • A travel card (except for conference registrations)
  • A right of employment
  • For personal use