342 (formerly G2), Financial Administration of Extramural Support


  1. IV, Authority to sign contracts, certifications, applications, etc.:

    The Chancellor or designee has the authority to submit proposals and execute contract and grant documents for extramural support...

    DELEGATION TO: Vice Chancellor Administrative Affairs for contract document and for the Provost for Grants.

    ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: No limits. Delegates sign all Extramural Grant and Contract agreements. When deemed necessary, Delegates will contact Risk Management concerning possible risk factors in any Grant or Contract.

  2. V, Policy, B, 5, Indirect Costs(Overhead):

    It should be demonstrated to the Chancellor or delegated designee that the project is of sufficient importance to warrant subsidizing the indirect costs of the project from other university programs.

    DELEGATION TO: Provost (Elrod)

    ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: No limits. Provost has sole campus responsibility to adjust or eliminate indirect costs from Grants or Contracts.

  3. VI. Resolution #6042, 1:

    Proposals, agreements, contracts and contract supplements for research work or any other purposes upon approval of the project by the president or any vice president of the University of Wisconsin System or the appropriate Chancellor or designee with the following extramural entities: United States Government, any of its agencies or departments, any state or municipality or any agency or department thereof or any non-profit organization.

    DELEGATION TO: Provost (Elrod)

    ADDITIONAL COMMENT: No limits. Provost has sole campus responsibility to approve contracts with other governmental agencies, including non-profit organizations.