346 (formerly G34), Patent Policies and Reporting Requirements


D. Procedures for Reporting an Invention: When any member of the staff or student on appointment makes a discovery or invention in pursuing his/her university duties, or on university premises, or with university supplies or equipment, a report of this fact must be made to Chancellor or designee. The Chancellor or designee will judge the relation of the reported discovery or invention to the purpose of any grant or contract that may be involved. The Chancellor or designee has the ultimate responsibility for determining if an obligation to the grantor does exist and, if so, to insure that such obligations are fully met.


ADDITIONAL COMMENT: Responsible for reporting discovery or invention to Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs.

DELEGATION TO: Vice Chancellor for Adm. Affairs (Arnold)

ADDITIONAL COMMENT: Makes determination if an obligation to grantor exists and to take steps to insure obligations are fulfilled. A full review of copyrights and patents will be made.

ADDITIONAL COMMENT: Responsible for compliance with all position control policies and procedures. (Chancellor will review and sign Form 5, Contract Request Card.) Provost as signature authority in the signing of all Academic personnel contracts.