235 (formerly F31), Payment for Personal Services


1. IV, Procedures, Independent Contractor, paragraph 3: If the payment is greater than or equal to $5,000, an academic support services agreement or similar contract, approved by a contracting officer of the institution, must be delegated in writing by the Chancellor.

DELEGATION TO: Continuing Education Outreach Program Manager (Lencho)

ADDITIONAL COMMENT: Reviews and approves all Academic Support Service Agreements to ensure compliance with SYS 235. 2. Paragraph 6: Before payment may be made to an independent contractor for personal services, the person(s) authorized by the Chancellor to approve such payments must certify that this policy and procedure paper (SYS 235) was reviewed and complied with. Such Authorization must be in writing.

DELEGATION TO: Director of Human Resources (Vacant)

ADDITIONAL COMMENT: Payment to Individual Report (the form used to initiate a payment to an individual) will be signed by Human Resource and Development Director prior to the issuance of payment by Accounts Payable PIR Process: PIR forms are available at the Human Resource and Development Office. Forms must be completed by the requesting department. Forms are returned to Human Resource and Development and signed (a space is provided) by the Personnel Director. Forms are then sent to Accounts Payable by Human Resource and Development for issuance of Payment.