230 (formerly F29), Calculating Salary & Fringe Benefit Payments for Unclassified Appointees


IV, Procedures, C, Summer Payments: Compensation received in the summer period may not in aggregate exceed 2/9 of the academic year salary of the person appointed unless an explicit exception is granted by the Chancellor or designee, regardless of source of funds. D, Calculation of Overload Payments: In accordance with ACPS-4, overload payments may be made for work of an....unusual, short-term, and non-recurring nature. Specific advance approval of the Chancellor or designee is required.

DELEGATION TO: Deans & Div. Heads

ADDITIONAL COMMENT: Requests overload payments.

DELEGATION TO: Human Resources (Vacant)

ADDITIONAL COMMENT: Delegated responsibility for Unclassified payroll calculations of pay and fringes and for review and recomendation on requests for overload payments.

DELEGATION TO: Provost (Elrod)


  • Signature of Unclassified Employment Contracts. The Chancellor will sign Form 5 Contract Request Form.
  • Approve all Unclassified Salary Advances prior to payment.
  • Approves overload payments requested by Deans/Division Heads and recommended by Director of Human Resource and Development