205 (formerly G18), Employment of Student Help


5.0, University Responsibilities:

  1. The Chancellor of each institution (or designee) is assigned the responsibility to operate its student employment program including implementation of UW System policies and procedures, institutional compensation plans and monitoring processes.

    DELEGATION TO: Student Employment Coordinator (Buchholz)

  2. The Chancellor (or designee) shall determine which student employment jobs will be compensated on a non-hourly pay basis (salaried).

    DELEGATION TO: Dir. Financial Aid (Miller)

  3. The Chancellor (or designee), with the advice of the committee, shall establish a rate structure that is consistent with the compensation policies in this paper, and that will:

    DELEGATION TO: Dir. Financial Aid (Miller)

  4. Establish a maximum rate which cannot be exceeded without the approval of the University official designated by the Chancellor to monitor the student employment program.

    DELEGATION TO: Dir. Financial Aid (Miller)