Third Party Billing and Payments

Questions can be directed to Student Accounts at 262-472-1373. Click on the attached link to obtain 3rd Party Payment Guidlines

Non-Government Third Party

If you have received a letter or payment authorization document from the 3rd party for the University to bill them on your behalf, this must be presented to the Student Accounts Office at least two weeks prior to the start of classes for the applicable term. In order to provide this information, you must also complete the release of information form LINK and submit that with the request for a courtesy billing.  

Payments are not credited to your student account until the 3rd party has made the payment to the University.  Any delay in submitting documents will delay the University's courtesy billing to the 3rd party, and will most likely delay a payment by the 3rd party on your account.  Failure of the 3rd party to make a payment toward the student's account will need to be followed up by the student, as the University takes no responsibility for obtaining this payment.

Any requirements of the 3rd party or changes to the student's class schedule or fees will need to be communicated by the student to the 3rd party, as no further reporting is completed.

Government Agency

Students who have received a voucher or authorization to have tuition and fees billed to a government agency should submit this and any other required documents to Student Accounts Hyer Hall Room 110 or email to . All documents must be turned in 10 days before the start of the term for which it applies. A credit will be placed on the student account once the invoice has been sent to the government agency. The student should be prepared to pay the remaining balance by the due date indicated on the bill.

If a refund is due, it will be paid to the student. Any overpayments that are owed to the government should be paid by the student to the agency as soon as possible.

Government Agency - Veterans

Veterans who will receive government assistance with tuition and fees (GI Bill, yellow ribbon, Post 9/11 supplement) should first see Jan Nordin, Veteran's coordinator, in the Registrar's Office 262-472-1570. Some of these benefits can be viewed on the Registrar's webpage at