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COVID-19 Employee Resources

This webpage will be updated on a continuous basis. 

Administrative Affairs is here to help. Below you will find several tabs of COVID-related resources and information. To the right you will find two survey buttons in support of UW System Administrative Policy 1200-Interim 02: Interim: COVID-19 Leave Policy, in which UW-Whitewater strives to connect employees with meaningful work, and project managers with skilled workers who are available and eligible to assist them during this time.

The Office of Human Resources & Diversity is open for remote services only. Please contact HR&D via email for assistance at You can also visit the UW- Whitewater UHCS COVID-19 Webpage for additional COVID-19 related resources.

Issues and processes are still under discussion at the UW-System level and some of these answers may change as decisions are made and we obtain new information.  We will keep this information as up-to-date as possible and will continue to add questions and answers as they arise.

COVID-19 Employee Resources

Information for Supervisors

Policy Resources

Resources on federal and state policies and regulations that are being impacted during the pandemic. This category includes topics such as accreditation, state authorization, veteran students, financial aid, and distance education authorization.

You can also visit the UW System Coronavirus FAQ webpage for more resources and information.

What are the current expectations of reporting to work for employees? (Updated 3/19)

While the university remains open, we are moving to operations with minimal staffing effective March 23, 2020. We are currently working to reduce the amount of employees working on-site and promote telecommuting and remote work as much as possible.

How will I be notified if I am an essential employee and what tier do I fall into?

Your supervisor will notify you if you are an essential employee and will communicate alternative work arrangements where possible. If you are unsure you should ask for guidance. Before communicating to employees, supervisors should ensure their designations have received division leadership’s approval.

Can my supervisor schedule me to work hours or shifts that I normally do not work?

Yes, you may be asked to work more hours or different hours than normal, especially if you have been designated as an essential employee or the university is short staffed as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. We will attempt to provide advance notice if possible. Such changes are subject to the provisions of the work schedules and relevant pay policies located on the UWO HR website.

Can I be assigned to perform work that is not normally part of my position?

Yes, in times of emergency all employees must remain flexible to get the work done and may be asked to do work outside of their normal duties. Employees should anticipate being asked to perform work in place of absent or ill co-workers.

May I choose to go home if I don’t want to be exposed to a sick coworker who isn’t sent home?

Essential employees who are scheduled to work, must report to work. If an employee wants to request the ability to work from home or use leave due to personal reasons, they should discuss their situation with their supervisor. Supervisors have the discretion to make alternate arrangements on a case-by-case basis. Making up the work in the same workweek, working a different schedule, or working from home may be options available to you.

I’m not sick, but I don’t want to come to work for fear of becoming ill. Is my supervisor required to approve my request for time off?

No. You may request to take vacation; however, your supervisor is not required to approve your time off request if your department is short on staff. It is important to educate yourself about COVID-19 and its transmission. Visit UWW Covid-19 for the latest information. 

If an employee is sent home from work due to illness, will they be paid?

The following options are available, although not all options will be available in all situations depending upon the employee class, nature of the job responsibilities and the extent of the illness:

  • Use COVID-19 leave, accrued compensatory time, vacation, personal holiday or sick leave.
  • Make up the work on an hour-for-hour basis during the same workweek with supervisory approval
  • Work an adjusted schedule with supervisory approval
  • Work from home with supervisory approval utilizing the
  • Request a leave of absence without pay

During this COVID-19 outbreak, can my supervisor cancel my vacation time off request that has already been approved?

Yes, your supervisor has the authority to cancel any pre-approved vacation request, especially in circumstances where there are serious staff shortages as a result of illness. Your vacation also could be cancelled if you have been designated as essential staff due to the nature of your job responsibilities.

Does every employee have the ability to telecommute or work remotely?

Only employees whose job duties can be fulfilled from a remote location and who have all tools required for their job available to them at the remote location are able to telecommute. Employees should work with their supervisor to determine if telecommuting arrangements can be made. Supervisors are encouraged to work with employees to see if there are options available to them during this crisis. There may be cases where opportunities to work remotely are not available; however, this may be an opportunity for employees to complete online professional development activities, work on special projects or complete other duties outside of an employee’s daily on-site responsibilities.

Are student employees allowed to work at their on-campus job while the university has cancelled in-person classes? (Updated 3/19)

We recognize that many departments rely heavily upon student employees to perform certain work in their department. At this time student employees may continue working, with supervisor approval. However, as of Monday, March 23 we will be at minimal staffing so student employees might not have as many working opportunities in many areas. If a student employee is leaving campus or the area to go home, they should be excused from their job.

Are student employees who are now unable to work because of the pandemic able to apply for compensation via unemployment insurance? (New 3/19)

According to the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, student employees who are facing unemployment should apply for unemployment benefits. Students may be eligible based on previous jobs, and if there is a federal or state investment to expand eligibility, they will have had to apply to get help.

I have no other childcare arrangements and must stay home with my child(ren). How will I be paid?

Promptly notify your supervisor of the reason for your absence and your anticipated return to work date. In this situation, the following options are available although not all options will be available in all situations depending upon the nature of your job responsibilities:

  • Use up to 80 hours of COVID-19 leave
  • Use accrued compensatory time, vacation, personal holiday or sick leave.
  • Make up the work on an hour-for-hour basis during the same workweek with supervisory approval
  • Work an adjusted schedule with supervisory approval
  • Work from home with supervisory approval
  • Request a leave of absence without pay

Please contact if you have any questions.

Intermittent FAQ

Please visit the UW System FAQ page for general information about furloughs.

Instructional staff will submit furlough hours taken as an absence request for the day they are taking, which can be entered in advance.  "COVID FURLOUGH" should be selected as the absence type.   

Non-Instructional Academic Staff need to follow the below: 

  •  UW Tipsheet
  • Non-Instructional Academic Staff on intermittent furlough will need to record their furlough hours on the timesheet in their portal. They will also have to fill in the timesheet for the full week when taking a furlough day.

Supervisor Approval Payroll Cheat Sheet

Bi-weekly employee's furlough time entry tipsheet.

Do Grad Assistants have to take intermittent furlough?  No.

Do Faculty have to take intermittent furlough?  Yes.  If your gross pay is under $100,000, you must take 13 days. If your gross pay is $100,000 to $150,000, then you must take 14 days.  If your gross pay is over $150,000, you must take 15 days.

Do University Staff Temporary Employees have to take intermittent furlough? No.

Are part-time employees required to take intermittent furlough?  Yes, the number of furlough hours is based on FTE.

Do employees in grant-funded positions have to take intermittent furlough?  No.

If the request is done more than 14 days in advance, is pre-approved by the immediate supervisor, is done while on contract, this is a possibility.

Nine-month academic-year employees may only take furlough days during the academic year contract period; not during the summer months.

UW-Whitewater as the employer, does not determine eligibility or benefits. Employees may apply for unemployment, and the determination will be made by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development. 

Please list your employer as "University of Wisconsin-Whitewater" (NOT UW-System or your department, etc.).

UWW cannot answer questions for the Department of Workforce Development.

The deadline to use vacation has been extended until June 2021. This includes rollover vacation.

The requirement for furlough is based on your FTE.

This will be pro-rated based on FTE.

Yes, employees can take a half-day furlough day.  And yes, they can take two half-day furlough days in one week.  Please note that the total hours cannot exceed 40 hours in one week. 

Q: Will an employee be paid for a holiday that occurs while the employee is furloughed?

A: An employee would receive holiday pay, provided that the holiday does not coincide with their identified furlough day. 

Q: July 4th is a “floating legal holiday.”  How do I record it when I use it (1), and what if I use it during a week I take furlough (2)?

A:  (1) When using a “floating” legal holiday, it needs to be entered as an absence request with the leave type selected as “Legal Holiday.”  (2) Non-instructional Academic staff have to enter the floating holiday as an absence request. Then go into the timesheet and it will show up on the timesheet.  You will then need to enter the rest of the days of that week in the timesheet using FUREG for days worked, and then FURLM for the furlough day(s) taken. 

The exemption for this follows the same exemption criteria that exists for the FLSA salary test (Teacher, Doctors, Lawyers).

Q:  Are international employees subject for furlough?

A:  Employees who are holders of H1-B status, as defined in 20 CFR 655.731,  are not subject to furloughs.  Employees who have changed status to permanent residence are treated the same as U.S. citizens in respect to being subject to furloughs.

Employees can access their Timesheet, then Payable Time.  They will have to change the date range as needed. Please refer to the Screenshot provided.

Furlough entered on the timesheet is not immediately sent to the supervisor to approve in the manner as an absence request.  Furlough entries on the biweekly timesheet are processed with the timesheet.  There is a “Time Admin” process that runs every day at approximately 6:15am.  It takes about an hour to run, and then the hours should be in the “Payable Time Approvals” section of the “Manager Self Service Dashboard.”  They will show as “Non Paid.”  IMPORTANT:  the default dates in the Payable Time Approvals section are for the current biweekly pay period.  Please change the dates to be for the full month (05/01/2020 to 05/31/2020) to see all requests that need to be approved in time for the monthly payroll.

Comp time can be used, but NO overtime is allowed. The total hours for the week cannot exceed 40, that includes the furlough hours.

Employees can take 1 day per bi-weekly pay period. Please refer to the Payroll Calendar. 

If you are requesting more than 2 days, then please get Supervisor approval, and then HR&D approval (supervisors will forward the request to the CHRO).

You can take multiple days over winterim and/or spring break, but if you take more than 1 day per bi-weekly period, you will need supervisor approval 14 days prior to the requested furlough date(s). Your supervisor will then send this request along to the CHRO for final approval.

Please work with your direct supervisor and plan ahead.

It is essential that you work with your supervisor, in this case it is the Department Chair. It is a matter of working together to minimize the disruption of students’ academic studies.

No, furlough days can only be taken on the primary position and only while on contract during the academic year.

The furlough entries for the full month must be submitted and approved by the Supervisor by the 15th of the month in order to be processed on that month's payroll.  Example: If you want to take September 17th as a furlough day, it needs to be entered AND approved by your Supervisor by September 15 to be included on the September payroll, paid on October 1. 

Please see this payroll calendar. 

Depending on what ETF considers their highest three years of service, there could be minimal affect to their future annuity.