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You will also find the HR&D Training and Development opportunities on the UWW events page. You can then filter on the Faculty and Staff Workshops and Training. 


Training will be mandatory for those who want to serve on a search and screen committee for Recruitment. The online version of this training is available on Canvas

For any follow-up questions, please contact 

Attend a benefits orientation to learn about the benefits you are eligible for as a  newly benefits eligible employee.  Review the Benefits Orientation web page for dates and times of the next sessions.


For any questions please email or (888) 298-0141

Review the Annual Benefits Enrollment web page to understand changes to your benefits for the upcoming calendar year.  For questions contact the Benefits Team at or (888) 298-0141

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Financial Services

All campus staff who purchase or who approve purchases are encouraged to attend. The class covers the various methods of purchasing goods and services on campus. The training includes information on how to prepare a purchase requisition form, obtain supplier quotes, search for vendors, and general rules governing the use of procurement cards and Shop@UW accounts. 

Procurement training and presentation can be found under the Quick Links Event Sign-up.

UW System policy requires procurement cardholders to receive training prior to receiving a P card. Full-time, permanent staff are eligible to apply for a supply and/or travel procurement card with supervisor approval. Once the application process is completed , the cardholder will be invited by the campus P card administrator to attend a brief training tailored to the type of procurement card he or she has received. The application can be found at  

PCard training is scheduled when the PCard application is completed/processed. This can be found under the Pcard Application, Manual, Pro-Card Billing Calendar.


If you want to learn new technology skills, the ICIT Training and Advancement team has the answer. ICIT provides step-by-step documentation as well as hands-on-training for the latest academic software, applications, and systems for all UW-Whitewater employees, with a focus on the technology services used in administrative offices throughout campus. 

In addition, training sessions for the following are offered at no cost regularly throughout the year:

You can easily view and register for classes by logging in at Training on other widely-used campus software, applications, and systems is available upon request.

Custom consulting and training services are also available from ICIT for university departments across campus at no cost. This service is aimed at helping your department find the best software solutions to meet your specific needs. Group training sessions can be customized to cover topics relevant to your team and to meet your schedule needs.

For more information on technology training, please email us at

Comprised of an enthusiastic team of experienced staff and dedicated student assistants, the Learning Technology Center (LTC) is a support center that focuses on assisting faculty and instructional staff in using learning technologies in pedagogically effective ways that work to engage students in learning and decrease instructor workload. In addition to working with faculty to explore ways to enhance student learning experiences, the LTC collaborates with departments, colleges, and the institution on initiatives aimed at enhancing success--both for instructors and students.

Learn more about the LTC's quality services and how to use many of the instructional recources on campus.

Need training on using Canvas or other instructional resources? Log in at to see currently scheduled sessions. Contact the Learning Technology Center at for more information or to schedule a consultation.

Pride Center

Provides an introductory grounding in creating a more LGBTQ inclusive environment.

To Sign up: Pride Center

Provides information on gender inclusive language and pronouns.

To Sign up: Pride Center

LGBTQ student panels designed to complement curricular needs around LGBTQ inclusion.

To Sign up: Pride Center

LEARN Center

A variety of workshops, book groups, and other programming aimed at professional development to improve teaching practice and student learning. See

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Resources for Self Learning

A variety of workshops aimed at professional development to increase belonging on our campus through inter- and intra-personal work. See

Impact of Microaggressions in the Workplace Training from January 28, 2021

Additional Resources

Please see the link to the EDI library for additional sessions on microaggressions.