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Overview of TAM Recruitment Instructions and Materials

TAM is an advanced applicant tracking system that allows institutions to manage recruitments electronically from start to finish. These steps include the creation of a job opening, posting the vacancy for applicants to see, providing a place for which applicants can search and apply for job openings, and then manage the applicants throughout the recruitment process all the way to hiring the chosen candidate.

Hiring Manager(s):

Hiring Managers are granted access to see job openings within their department. Their role is to oversee the entire recruitment process. Common Hiring Manager(s) include Deans/Directors, Department Chairs/Supervisors, and Division Administrators.

Talent Acquisition Coordinator(s):

TA Coordinators (TAC) have access to see job openings that they have been granted access to. They cannot view sensitive information such as ethnicity and gender nor are they approvers.  However, they can take actions on an applicant such as Prepare Job Offer and Change Applicant Status.  Common TAC(s) include Department Chairs, Dean or Director - Academic Department Associates, Deans Assistants, Program Assistants, Search & Screen Committee Chairs, Office Associates, etc.

 Search Committee Members:

Search committee members have access to see job openings that they have been granted access to. They have access to view applicant data, approve a job opening, add notes and expenses, etc. Search Committee Members consists of members whose titles are at or above the level of the vacancy that the recruitment is recruiting for but, it is required that a search committee have at least three members. 

To get started with your TAM  Recruitment, please contact your assigned HR Assistant: