Lost & Found Procedures


Lost and found items are unclaimed items turned in at the Information/Ticket Services. It is UNLAWFUL to use, borrow, or keep any of the items unless you are the rightful owner.


  1. Logging in:
    1. Items are inventoried upon arrival. A Lost and Found IC card (stored in the L&F Binder, above the L&F filing cabinet next to the radio) is attached to the item stating the item log in number, date turned in, and a description of the item.
    2. Items are also logged into the Lost and Found Binder listing the item log in number, the date turned in, and a description of the item.
    3. The item is placed in the Lost and Found filing cabinet in accordance with the labeled drawers:
      • Clothes
      • Books
      • Bookbags
      • Miscellaneous items.
    4. If an item contains identification, notify the owner as soon as possible.
    5. Items containing cash, or items with an estimated value of $100 or more will be verified by a second person, logged in and then given to the staff personnel; Coordinator, or building manager (after 4:30p.m. or on weekends) to be secured. The items log should reflect this action.
    6. When the Information Services is closed, building managers are responsible for filling out the ID card and logging found items into the binder. Information attendants are responsible for logging items during the day. Anyone logging the Lost and Found binder must initial the appropriate area. This also goes for anyone giving out items to the owner.
    7. Information Services staff will verify the items listed on the building manager?s night report. These should be verified in the log book and the filing cabinet. If they are not logged in, please to so. Notify John Peterson if items are not there as listed on the report.
    8. Animals are not accepted at Lost and Found.
    9. If a bicycle is turned in, call #3413 in General Services to come pick it up, note the date the bike was turned in and attach it to the bike.
    10. The first Monday morning Information Services will inventory remaining lost and found items, prepare a Lost and Found Report and prepare 2 copies for distribution (log book and Coordinator).
  2. Returning items:
    1. If a student ID is turned in, take the ID to the ID/ Meal Plan Office (Room 250 University Center) ASAP. If it is after 4:30 p.m. or a weekend, log it in and make a note to the employees working during ID/Meal Plan hours that it should be turned in as soon as the ID/Meal Plan Office opens and this action should be recorded.
    2. If someone comes to claim an item, check to see if the item is logged in the binder, and check the filing cabinet. If you need assistance; request help from the Coordinator. After 4:30 p.m., page a building manager. Items containing cash and expensive items need to be claimed during business hours.
    3. The individual claiming the item(s) should provide identification, complete the claim sheet, and sign his/her name in the binder on the appropriate line. The log should then be dated and signed by the employee giving the item(s) out.
  3. Disposing of items:
    1. All items are retained for 30 days, and then disposed of as listed below:
      • Unclaimed cash items will be disposed of at staff personnel?s discretion. Ten percent of the unclaimed cash will be deposited to usercode 294 to recover expenses; the balance of cash will be given to a non-profit organization, such as Whitewater Food Pantry.
      • Unclaimed items with an estimated cash value over $100.00 will also be disposed of at staff personnel?s discretion. The item will be taken to property disposal surplus and ten percent of the money received from the property disposal surplus will be deposited to usercode 294 to recover expenses, the balance of cash will be given to a non-profit organization, for example, Whitewater Food Pantry.
      • Identification card (credit, TYME, telephone) will be cut up if not claimed by appropriate owner.
      • Prescription eyeglasses/sunglasses will be turned over to the local Lions Club.
      • University keys will be turned over to the University locksmith.
      • Textbooks will be turned over to the University Textbook Rentals or the library as appropriate.
      • Unmatched items, damaged items or other non-resale items will be disposed of.
      • All other items will be taken to the local Goodwill Deposit location which is in Whitewater on the first Sunday of each month in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Information attendant will organize, inventory, and pack items for delivery to the trailer. The first Sunday of each month a building manager will collect items held for 30 days or more and take them to Goodwill. Those items will be recorded in the log as contribution, dated and initialed by the building manager. The Inventory Log contributed items should be signed by the receiving person at Goodwill.