FP&M Maintenance Painting Policy

Quality care of painted surfaces is an important component of a sound facilities maintenance program. The correct type of paint, properly applied, provides an attractive environment, preserves the useful life of building components, and aids in housekeeping. An on-going painting program is essential to assure that painted surfaces remain in sound condition.

In previous years, all academic building areas were painted on a revolving five-year cycle, regardless of whether painting was necessary. Reductions in staffing and funding resources have required replacing the fixed cycle painting program with an as-needed maintenance painting approach. This limited approach addresses only areas needing repainting vs. all building areas. This policy relies on following the fixed building repainting cycle, thorough inspection of potential areas for painting and establishing priorities of painting.

As an academic building comes up on the maintenance painting schedule, an inspection will be conducted by FP&M's painter, the respective Maintenance Manager and Building Supervisor. The inspection will determine which areas will be painted during that cycle for the scheduled building. The areas inspected will include lobbies, corridors, restrooms, classrooms, and offices. The painting assessment will determine the need and extent of painting. Any painting in campus academic buildings must be approved or conducted by FP&M.

Facilities Planning and Management offers a university standard 20 earth-tone colors in light shades. Lighter colors minimize paint and labor for future color changes. The Maintenance Manager, working in cooperation with the Building Supervisor, will select colors from the 20-color standard chart for all offices and common areas. (Optional colors are available for a cost to individual departments. Painting with darker colors will result in higher charges due to future difficulties with covering the selected dark paint color. All requests for optional colors must be authorized by the department head through a FP&M work order.)

A painting schedule by floor will be prepared to better manage and schedule time. The schedule will be forwarded to the department head, Building Supervisor and Maintenance Manager. If an office is scheduled for repainting, it will be the responsibility of the occupant to remove all items from the shelves and desks. If the occupant desires, the shelves and desks can be emptied at a cost to the department. If the office is not cleared and ready to paint at the scheduled time, painting will not be done until the next scheduled maintenance painting cycle; the building painting cycle currently has a 5-8 year frequency. Painting completed at a time other than the scheduled maintenance painting cycle will be charged to the requesting customer and department.

FP&M will establish maintenance tracking work orders, by building, to capture labor and materials expenses. Due to the availability of crafts painters, most maintenance painting will occur from October through April.

Questions can be directed to Ken Kramer, Crafts Supervisor, Ext 6706.