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Property theft is the number one crime in the United States. 2013 statistics show approximately 2900 theft events occur per 100,000 people. The University environment is not immune from this issue. You can take steps to protect yourself from theft.

Items like backpacks, wallets, MP3 players, and laptops are common targets on campus. Don't leave items unattended. You would never leave $100 cash sitting on the table while you went to the bathroom, envision your laptop in the same way - it is cash to those who would choose to steal it.

Recovering stolen items is difficult at best and almost impossible unless you are able to provide the police with your item's serial number or other identifying information. We highly encourage you to keep a log of all your valuable property. Include the item's description, value and serial numbers - this information will greatly assist us in potentially recovering your property. This is also the same information your insurance company will require if you were to file a claim.

We have provided the form below for your assistance in this compiling this information. Once submitted, the UW-Whitewater Police will store this information for five (5) years.

UW-Whitewater Police Services is always working to keep you and your property safe. If you have questions, comments or would like more information about preventing theft on campus, please feel free to contact us or calling 262-472-4660.

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