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Administrative Assistant for University Alumni Relations and Development


Michelle Carey

The lively campus and alumni community of UW-Whitewater offer Michelle Carey some of her favorite things. She appreciates people who are passionate about learning and she's a keen observer of the natural world.

She's happy to meet alumni who are having fun as they return to campus and reconnect with their university.

"People are excited and passionate and want to help the university and our students," Carey said.

A native of Fort Atkinson, she graduated from UW-Stevens Point with a degree in biology, then volunteered with AmeriCorps at Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge on the Gulf Coast of Texas. There she tracked mammals, reptiles and amphibians and traveled in an airboat after dark to grab ducks for banding.

She also assisted visitors to the refuge and appreciated their enthusiasm, just as she enjoys the way faculty, staff and alumni embrace learning and innovation at UW-Whitewater.

Carey loves sports, especially hockey, baseball and football, and stalks the visitor sidelines at Warhawk football games with her camera. She also takes photographs on treks around town.

She likes tending to details behind the scenes at events so alumni can concentrate on enjoying themselves and connecting with old friends or brainstorming new ideas.

"Maybe that reminds them of their school days and why they loved UW-Whitewater," she said.