Student Application

Have an idea for a summer internship or art teaching experience? Apply for an ArtReach Art Education Internship!

The Margaret A Cargill foundation, through funds granted to UW-Whitewater, has made it possible for members UW Whitewater’s Art Education community advance arts integration and arts based assessment in all content areas. Expectations for those receiving funds will include a sharing out of the professional development project with colleagues and facilitating a presentation to UW-W pre-service teachers with a culminating posting of project details on the ArtReach website. Students seeking funds to support professional development that will further these goals may submit this form to Nicole Trackman and Dr Kristin Goble before May 15, 2016.

Roughly four UW-W pre-service teachers will be selected annually to engage in a funding community-based arts learning fellowship. These students will be supported as they work to teach arts or arts integrated programming in area school or community partner programs and sites. There will be a pool of funds ($2500 per student for 6 weeks) to support an arts focused fellowship in the community or region. Students will present their work in a portfolio format at the end of their project that would be accessible on the ArtReach website.

Interested students will provide a resume, a statement of intent and rationale, and a potential partnership opportunity they would like to explore. Students will be selected by June 15, 2016 in order to begin a 6-week fellowship between the months of June-August 2016. Students will keep visual diaries (a blog, storyboards, photo book, any electronic medium that would support images and text) of their experiences and will be paired up with a faculty member to help advise and guide them through the experience. Students will present their projects to the ArtReach team in Fall 2016.

Your experiences will help support and inform future teachers on the impact the arts can make teacher preparation and educational settings. Formal individual contracts will be provided with specific details when awarded.

For questions surrounding the application process, please feel free to contact Nicole Trackman and Dr. Kristin Goble. The ArtReach team is happy to help you develop a strong proposal!

Please fill out the form below: