Student Fellows

Participants of the ArtReach grant from 2015-2017

In this section, you will find projects, papers, and other unique items that students have prepared as evidence of their learning through the ArtReach grant.

The ArtReach grant supplied students with what they needed to explore projects that highligheted arts integration in the classroom. Students then were asked to present their content for other preservice teachers, district teachers, and faculty. 

ArtReach 2016 Fellows

Conor O'Mally particpated in a fellowship with ArtReach in the Summer of 2016. He had the opportunity to work with a Virtual Reality machine (HTC Vive), and create a step by step document on how to set up Virtual Reality in the classroom, as well as the benefits students could have from using it!

Check out the guide below!

Virtual Reality Classroom Integration Guide

ArtReach 2015 Fellows

Amber Barreras, a preservice Art Education major, had a fellowship with the ArtReach grant in the Summer of 2015. She worked to create a website that highlighted her interest in the integration of video games in the art classroom. Amber presented her website, along with a fully interactive workshop full of video game examples of art, in the Fall of 2015. Even though the website is not active anymore, Amber had created a paper about her findings with using video games in the art classroom, as well as a sequential lesson plan using Perler Beads as a form of pixel art.

Video Games Can Belong in the Classroom

Perler Bead Sequential Lesson Plan

Presentation photos from Fall 2015 workshop:

Studio SaturdayStudio Saturday

Conor O'Malley, a preservice elementary science major, was a participant in the ArtReach grant for Summer of 2015 and 2016.

In Summer of 2015, Conor created a blog that highlighted his learning experience through the ArtReach grant, and then presented in a workshop on the benefits of having a blog in a classroom environment.

Featured here:

Presentation photos from Fall 2015 Workshop:

Studio Saturday

Katie Chipman, a preservice Art Education major, was a participant in the ArtReach Grant in Summer of 2015. She used many kinds of supplies, experimented, and came up with inexpensive lesson plans that were easily accessible for teachers to use. In Fall of 2015, she presented her work and had a workshop demonstrating her low cost lesson plans.

Inexpensive-Quality Children's Art Activities PDF

Presentation photos from Fall 2015 Workshop:

Studio SaturdayStudio Saturday

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