UWW Faculty Fellows

ArtReach has supported fellowships for eleven UWW faculty members. Faculty fellows will begin their work this winter and continue through the summer and fall semesters. Awarded fellowships include:

Dr. Wade Tillet was granted support to spend the Spring 2016 semester adding the ART to STEM, (converting his STEM Methods to STEAM methods) with the Whitewater Middle School . Dr. Tillet plans on presenting his research on integrating the Arts into STEM methods at the American Education Research Association (AERA) Conference in Washington, DC.

Dr. Annie Stinson was granted support to explore visual literacy practice by creating a local ethnodrama with interviews she conducts of participants in Mexico and in Whitewater. Dr. Stinson adds, “The small town of Plaza de Limon, situated in the Mexican state of Michoacan, is the birthplace of many residents of Whitewater. Residents of Whitewater, some naturalized citizens, some permanent residents, and some American born children of naturalized citizens, regularly travel back and forth between the two locations. I intend to conduct interviews with members of the three families in Whitewater who have roots in Plaza de Limon. I also hope to conduct interviews with members of the same families who reside in Plaza de Limon.”

Dr. Beth King was granted support from ArtReach. Dr. King will explore arts integration within technology integration. Her research will be implemented in her Technology in Education course and into the new Technology in Education Certificate program at UWW.

Dr. Carmen Rivers was granted support for a large scale arts integration opportunity for the Early Childhood cohort. This opportunity will immerse participants into the arts focused Reggio Emilia style of teaching. Ms. Rivers proposes, “ In partnership, the full time faculty/staff of the ECE program and the Children’s Center will immerse themselves in the Reggio Approach; an arts based pedagogical model. We would spend three days at the Boulder Journey School in Boulder 5 Colorado, observing, reflecting, and discussing the ways in which children learn within this model. Additionally, on-site consultation at the Children’s Center will happen once/semester to ensure all instructors, supervisors and center teachers (including adjuncts and part time) can be part of the learning and growing process.” Ms. Rivers will work with Dr. Goble to prepare the activities and travel to Colorado with the cohort in the Summer of 2016.

Dr. Lucy Heimer was granted support to implement and research the integration of arts based methodologies with pre-service teachers as a way to provide support for connecting their experience to identity formations. She plans to incorporate this method into her Early Childhood teacher preparation education coursework.

Dr. Ann Ruff was granted support to complete a mural project with the Whitewater Middle School titled, “Memoirs and Murals.” She will be working with a regional mural artist, and UW-W pre-service teachers, to complete a mural at the middle school. Dr. Ruff shares, “Reading 462 students and 7 th graders from Whitewater Middle School will read award winning trade books as part of a social studies unit on diversity. Memoirs will be written from one of the character’s point of view using the content from the story and additional research as appropriate. Once a publishable memoir has been created, students will engage in creating a mural that brings the memoirs to life and depicts the different ethnic groups/issues: Holocaust, One Child Policy of China, use of Chinese workers to construct the Transcontinental Railroad, Khmer culture, etc. in the books.”

Dr. Edric Johnson was granted support to work as a ArtReach Mentor this year to help ArtReach participants integrate the arts into their practice. Dr. Johnson is also central to the creation of the 5 credit Arts Integration course running in Spring 2016 as a required course. Dr. Johnson will further his interest in theater and performing arts integration into the k-12 classroom through his Social Studies Methods courses. Dr. Johnson furthers, “By attending The Summer Institute in Austin, TX and the national AATE theatre conference in Boston, I will observe a comprehensive pedagogical exploration and immersion training experience in the use of drama-based instruction across the curriculum. More importantly, the five day intensive arts integration training program provides a structured, supportive environment for K-12 teachers to explore the power of learning in and through the arts. Observing this type of professional development will be key for someone intending to work more in K-12 schools.”

Dr. Sherri VanAllstine and Dr. Susan Chandler along with Dr. Goble and Dr. Johnson were granted support to create the combined 5-credit Arts Integration course for the College of Education. Additionally, Dr. Smith has modified her Music Methods portion to align with the Arts Integration course. Through the ArtReach grant, Dr. VanAllstine and Dr. Chandler were able to purchase ukuleles for UWW pre-service teachers to learn and perform on.

Teresa Faris was granted support to serve as a mentor for pre-service teacher, Annie Dudgeon to explore the implementation of safer metals practices in the high school art classroom. Ms. Faris shared her invaluable expertise and tutored Annie on metals methods. Together they created a metals handbook for classroom teachers, to be published, as well as multiple finished metal art pieces.