Academic Staff Assembly
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Academic Staff Titling

All Academic Staff positions are assigned an official title prior to bring recruited and hired. This title places the position within the UW System Unclassified Title Definitions and corresponds with the type of work and duties executed. Note that in some cases a position may also have a separate “working” title to help correlate the position to jobs outside of higher education.

Both Instructional (Category B) and Non-Instructional (Category A) Academic Staff have official titles. Non-Instructional Academic Staff titles can vary greatly but most Instructional Academic Staff are assigned the Lecturer title. In either case the title assigned to a position controls the salary range for the position.

When new Academic Staff positions are created or if duties responsibilities of an existing positions change by more than 50%, the position must be reviewed by the Academic Staff Titling Committee. The purpose of this review is to ensure that all positions align fairly and accurately with the UW System Unclassified Title Definitions. If the proposed changes to an existing position are considered by the Titling Committee to warrant a new title, one will be assigned at that time. All title assignment decisions are the responsibility of the Titling Committee.

While position titles are more apt to change for Non-Instructional Academic Staff positions, Instructional titles can also change. If the job duties of a Lecturer position expands, the position can be re-titled to progress through the prefixes (Associate, no-prefix, and Senior). This is a distinct and separtate process from Promotions (

For more information regarding the Titling Committee, please refer to the Academic Staff Personnel Rules and Academic Staff By-Laws.

New Positions

After a Dean or Division Head has received approval for a new Academic Staff position a request for a title assignment must submitted to the Provost’s Office. This request must include:

  • Completed Position Description Form (Contact Human Resources);
  • Organizational Chart highlighting the new position;
  • Completed Academic Staff Titling Request Form (Contact Human Resources);
  • Proposed new title with supporting justification (optional).

Redesigned Positions

Vacant Positions

If the position is vacant at the time of redesign the Dean or Division Head will initiate the title request similar to that of a new position. The request must be submitted to the Provost’s Office and include the following:

Occupied Positions

Titling reviews for occupied redesigned positions can be requested by either the supervisor or the incumbent staff. If the supervisor initiates the request, it must be forwarded to the Dean/Division Head for review and comment before to being sent to the Provost’s Office for consideration.

Titling review is initiated by the occupant of the position, it must be first submitted to the immediate supervisor for review and comment, and then forwarded to the Dean/Division Head for review and comment. All employee initiated Titling Review requests must be forwarded to the Provost’s Office for consideration by the Titling Committee, regardless of supervisor and/or Dean/Division Head approval.

Titling requests for Occupied Positions (Non-Instructional) must include the following:

Titling requests for Occupied Positions (Instructional) must include the following:

  • Letter requesting Title Review
  • List of teaching experience, including FTE
  • Documentation of educational preparation and UW-W promotion level
  • Description of how the individual is qualified to hold requested title
  • Department Chair comments
  • Dean comments
  • Completed Academic Staff Titling Request Form (Contact Human Resources)


Patricia Fragola
Academic Staff Assembly Chair