Academic Staff Assembly
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Staff Development Grant


The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater seeks proposals for individual professional development/training opportunities that contribute to the needs of the institution. Such opportunities enable staff to increase their effectiveness by expanding knowledge in their areas of expertise, developing skills, and enhancing morale.


Refer to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs Web site for details regarding the application deadline.

Eligible Costs

All project funds, which includes travel, housing, meals, and other expenses related to the project, must be expended before June 1st. Proposals requesting travel support must conform to all campus and System policies and procedures. Travel Expense Reports submitted after June 1st will not be reimbursed. Prepayments for travel taking place after June 1st will also not be reimbursed. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

Request for Proposals--Forms and Instructions

* The complete guidelines and application may be accessed by clicking the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs Funding Web site.


Contact Patricia Fragola, Academic Staff Assembly Chair, at 262-472-5673 or


Patricia Fragola
Academic Staff Assembly Chair