Dear Student...

I would like to share my experience with getting started at the University of Wisconsin. As a returning student, things have changed since last in class. No more paper assignments to hand in. Everything is online, which is so convenient. The D2L format is easy to learn and there is a help number if you get stuck.

Enrollment is also online. You have to click to sign the disclosures to "promise to pay" before the class will be added to your account. This is mandatory. Easier to pay online also as the cashier is only open until 4pm.

The best advice I have is determine when you are most productive. Is it in the morning when your fresh? Or perhaps mid day...When are you at the top of your game? Choose this time to study. Make a routine out of it, stick to the routine. These will become great quiet times you will look forward to in this busy life. My hours are Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons for text book reading. The Discussions have due dates and times. You must post to the D2L by a certain day. Put a reminder in your phone or daytimer to meet those deadlines. Until the routine is built in, you may forget.

Check the email online. Your professors give weekly reminders and advice. With winter coming up there may be a cancelled class, good to know.

Have the "I can do it" attitude and remember "Never, Never, Never...Give Up."