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Assessment Day 2018

Keynote Helen Chen

Stanford University

Helen Chen with Chancellor Kopper at Assessment Day 2018

Using Design Thinking to Create Meaningful Representations of Learning

How can the principles and mindsets of design thinking inspire innovation in how we document, assess, and communicate learning?  From traditional transcripts to evidence-centered ePortfolios, how can we convey the unique opportunities, interactions, and experiences that constitute an education at UWW?  In this talk, we will collectively explore strategies to partner with learners and other campus stakeholders for (re)designing how we record and represent significant learning experiences in meaningful ways.

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Poster Prize Winners

Biggest Campus Contribution

  • First Place: Sarah Hessenauer & Tracy Scherr | Assessing Student Homelessness on UW-Whitewater Campus
  • Second Place: Jim Disrude & Kathy Brady | Walking the Talk: Closing the Loop on Advising Survey Feedback

Most Innovative Project

  • First Place: Kate Ksobiech, Abby Luther, Tanner VanDrisse, & Gabriella Gregorio | Winter Wellness in Whitewater: Connecting Undergraduates and Fairhaven Residents by Promoting Healthy Lifestyles
  • Second Place: Catherine Chan, Prajukti Bhattacharyya | Undergraduate Research Program and Student Success: A Data-Driven Self-Study

Best Collaboration

  • First Place: Loren Wilbers, Jennifer Anderson, Katelyn Scherer, Sarah Malek, & Cyrn Bero | Disability Awareness Merit Badge Clinic as a Learning Tool for UW-Whitewater Students and Effects of a Disability Awareness Clinic on Boy Scouts' Attitudes towards Disability
  • Second Place: Jessica Bonjour, Barbara Beaver, Kris Curran, & Kristin Crossgrove | Flexible Assignments Provide the Pillars for Self-Determination Theory: Competence, Autonomy and Relatedness

Best Use of Data

  • First Place: Ben Stockton, Brandon Allen, Zach Oster, Khyam Paneru, & Meg Waraczynski | Meet the UW-Whitewater People Tracker
  • Second Place: Jay Cameron & Kathleen Happel | Theory of Planned Behavior Commonalities between Assessment Behaviors and Physical Activity Behaviors in PETE/HETE/APE; Yushan Zhao, Carol Scovotti & Andy Dahl | Department of Marketing Closes the Loop in Assessment to Improve Student Learning

Most Interesting Results

  • First Place: Kimberly Clarksen & Olivia Allen | Career Readiness: Building Skills through Co-Curricular Involvement: Diversity, Faith-Based, & Service Organizations
  • Second Place: Jolly Emry, Ron Buchholz, Merari Morales, Joan Littlefield Cook & Susan Elrod | Next Generation Work-Based Learning

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