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Assessment Day 2019

Keynote Dr. Peter Felten

Elon University

How do we design for and assess learning that is inspiring, engaging, and transformative? 

What makes an assignment, a classroom exercise, or other educational experiences inspiring, engaging, and transformative? In 2008, the scholar George Kuh outlined key elements of every "high-impact educational practice" and concluded: "Participation in these activities provides opportunities for students to see how what they are learning works in different settings, on and off campus. These opportunities to integrate, synthesize, and apply knowledge are essential to deep, meaningful learning experiences" (p. 17). Put another way, an essential component of all high-impact learning is the need for students to transfer what they have learned in one context into new and novel settings. In this interactive session, we will consider how recent research on transfer could inform how we design and assess student learning experiences in and beyond the classroom.

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Poster Prize Winners

Biggest Campus Contribution

  • First Place (TIE): Elizabeth Brownell, Nick Holtmeier, Julie Martindale, Kate Jefferies | (STI) Awareness and Testing 
  • First Place (TIE): Lynn Gilbertson, Sara Klimisch, Jamie Meyer, Jonathan Spike, Lindsey Gosse | Evaluation of Growth Mindset Study Strategy Videos 

Most Innovative Project

  • First Place: Julie Martindale, Melissa Miller, Jeremy Lade, Kerry Ammann | Skin Care Clinic for Wheelchair Basketball Players 
  • Second Place: Catherine Chan, Prajukti Bhattacharyya, Steven Girard, Maxwell Hsu, John Pruitt | Research Across Curriculum Practicing CURE: Implementing Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experience Across Disciplines

Best Collaboration

  • First Place: Jessica Bonjour, Kirsten Crossgrove, Lori Trimble, Kris Curran, Lauren Von Rueden | BrainSTEM: A LEAP Project for Improving Growth Mindset use by STEM Faculty 
  • Second Place: Christopher Johnson, Sarah Hessenauer, Jonah Ralston| Development of a UW-W Campus Food Pantry to Support Student Success

Best Use of Data

  • First Place: Jessica Stein & Aimi Moss | Using Technology to Inform Advising Practices and Retention Initiatives 
  • Second Place: Prajukti Bhattacharyya & Ozgur Yavuzcetin | Enhancing Learning with HIPs Cocktail: Combining Undergraduate Research with International Travel Study 

Most Interesting Results

  • First Place: Kate Ksobiech & Amal Ibrahim | Making a Bigger Collaboration Between Two Community-Based Learning Capstone Courses 
  • Second Place: Kristen Burton, Carol Elsen, Julia Rowehl, Kathy Craney, Noelle Wilharm  | Addressing Housing Insecurities of Students at UW-W

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 Assessment Day 2019 Picture Assessment Day 2019 Picture

Assessment Day 2019 Picture Assessment Day 2019 Picture

Assessment Day 2019 Picture Assessment Day 2019 Picture

Assessment Day 2019

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Assessment Day 2019 Picture

Faculty Panel Assessment Day 2019

Peter Felten, Joan Cook, Provost Elrod


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