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Assessment Grant

Congratulations to the winners of the Assessment Grant for 2019-2020! The Assessment Grant is an annual award. 

The winners and a brief description of their projects are listed below:

2019-2020 Grant Winners:

Assessing the Value of High-Impact Practices (HIPs) to Deepen Community Relationships and Decrease Equity Gaps in the Supply Chain Management Program  -  Anna Land & Sameer Prasad

  • The purpose of the study is to further analyze how HIPs can be implemented within the Supply Chain Management program to enhance student diversity, retention, grade point averages, and more while reducing equity gaps. Internal and external measures will be used, including an examination of courses offered which implement HIPs and gaining assessment data from external stakeholders including internship supervisors and advisory board members. The project hopes to strengthen relationships with for-profit and nonprofit orgnaizations regionally, nationally, and internationally. Ultimately, this project hopes to work towards a larger proportion of non-traditional students, minority students, and women into the Supply Chain Management program.

Assessment Grant 2019-2020 Winners

For more information on the Assessment Grant, see links to the instructions and rubric below!

Assessment Grant Instructions

Assessment Grant Rubric


Previous winners of the Assessment Grant for 2018-2019 and a brief description of their projects. 

2018-2019 Grant Winners:

Music Assessment: Impact on the Development of Musicianship and Degree Completion - Sharri VanAlstine

  • One of the goals of this study will be to discover how the music department's entrance requirements (both musically and in regards to ACT scores) relates to student success during the program and the rate of degree completion. Another goal is to determine how the new jury assessment tools (rubrics) are functioning, how student skills are progressing, and how to use assessment data to improve the program.
Click here to view the final report.

English-Professional Writing and Publishing -  Janine Tobeck & Daniel Baumgardt

  • With this assessment project, the program plans to consolidate and evaluate evidence it has collected from student output, alumni input, and national trends in professional writing and editing program development. Through this work, the program aims to clearly articulate the identity they have built, make informed choices about near-future programming and resource needs, and refine learning outcomes in alignment with the University's strategic goals and the new substantial evidence of students' successes and challenges both in the program and post-graduation.
Click here to view the final report.

Assessing Preservice Teachers' Math Academic Achievement, Growth Mindset and Self-Efficacy - Yao Fu & Ozgul Kartal

  • This project intends to investigate the growth in preservice teachers' mindset and self-efficacy in teaching mathematics through a math methods course, ELEMMID 425. It further investigates the bivariate relation between their mindset, self-efficacy, and academic achievement in ELEMMID 425, i.e., teaching mathematics in the elementary and middle grades. The finding of this study will reveal the relation between mindset, self-efficacy, and academic achievement in teaching of mathematics. Study results should allow sharing of the best practices to support growth mindset and improve self-efficacy in preservice teachers with the professional community.
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