Michael Banning

  • 2014 Contemporary Realism Biennial September 20 - November 30 (Fort Wayne Museum of Art) Every two years, FWMoA organizes the Contemporary Realism Biennial, an exhibition of the most compelling trends in realism as explored by the most skilled American and international artists. This invitational and juried exhibition highlights the strength and innovation of America's current trends in realism. We are proud to expand the discourse on this enduring tradition in presenting the 2014 installment of this dynamic contemporary exhibition. Prize jurors this year include Frank Bernarducci of Bernarducci.Meisel.Gallery, and Charles Shepard III of the Fort Wayne Museum of Art.

Teresa Faris

  • The Contemporary Jewelry Exchange 2014. The Contemporary Jewelry Exchange is an art project where 370 artists from all over the world were paired and asked to create a unique contemporary piece of jewelry for each other. The resulting book is a record of what is happening globally within the world of jewelry. Following is a link with more information: http://tje2014.wix.com/thejewelryexchange
  • New Necklaces: 500 Designs from Around the World. Barcelona, Spain. August 2015. Nicolas Estrada (Barcelona, Spain) juried 1300 applications with a bit more than ten thousand necklaces. Stated that ʺSeveral of your magnificent pieces will be included in this new book.ʺ Following is a link with more information: http://www.promopress.es/cgi-bin/webppi?idi=ES
  • Four Hands are Better Than Two. Greenville, North Carolina. Jan 1, 2015-Jan, 20, 2015. "Four Hands are Better Than Two: A Collaborative Exhibition." Working together can be one of the most challenging, but ultimately rewarding artistic endeavors. This exhibition explores the relationships made with other artists during the process of collaboration. For most artists the creative process is individual and often private, working in a space in which they are not bothered or distracted. When artists work together they have another mind with which they can share their ideas, insecurities and fears about the work. A second set of hands brings an additional repertoire of skills and allows for an otherwise unanticipated merging of styles."
  • Empreintes, the Permanent 2015. Lille, France. Jan 1, 2015-Dec 31, 2015. Impression : trace left by a person. 40 artists from the world of contemporary jewelery, ceramics and glass to leave their mark at ALLIAGES. They reveal to us their dreams and show us their imaginary world. Impressions, the permanent exhibition at Alliages, renewed continously. Following is a link with more information:
  • THE PARALLEL WORLDS. ASSOCIATION ALLIAGES (Contemporary Jewellery and Fine Arts, non-profit organization). Lille (France). December 2014-January 2015. Exhibition will take place at ALLIAGES in Lille, France. ʺEvery jewel is a work of Art and our body is the socle. ALLIAGES is a non-profit organization which aims to enhance and promote the Contemporary Jeweleryʺ. This international exhibition was juried by Juan Riuesch. Following is a link with more information: http://alliages.org/alliages-organisation
  • Craft Forms 2014: International Juried Exhibition of Contemporary Craft. Wayne, PA. December 5-January 31. Collaboration With a Bird lV, #1 has been accepted for Craft Forms 2014 and will be featured in the Davenport Gallery from December 5, 2014 - January 31, 2015. Congratulations! This year's jurors, David R. McFadden, Chief Curator Emeritus, Museum of Art & Design, New York City and Bruce W. Pepich, Executive Director & Curator of Collections, Racine Art Museum, Racine, Wisconsin, reviewed 404 applicants with 718 works. For this year's exhibition, 99 pieces were selected that represent a diverse range of craft mediums from emerging and established artists. Following is a link with more information: www.wayneart.org/
  • Cross Currents: Contemporary International Jewelry Vaudeville Gallery, Fredericksburg Texas, July 29 - August 23, 2014 | Curated by Charon Kransen, "Cross Current is showcasing the works of 25 of the most innovative international contemporary artists of our time."


Adrienne Foster

  • "Teaching IxD and Product Development in Small Liberal Arts Colleges." 3rd Annual Interaction Design Education Summit, in conjunction with the Interaction Design Association's (IxDA) Interaction15 Conference. San Francisco, CA. February 8-11, 2015. IxDA, Intel and the California College of Arts have combined to bring in the 3rd Annual Interaction Design Education Summit, which focuses on advancing interaction design education across all levels of the career development path from early K-12 education to design management professional learning. Adrienne's presentation will share an interdisciplinary team-based project model that brings together students from different disciplines, such as visual design, computer science, communications, and business, to experience a more realistic product development cycle for interactive media. The model she is presenting allows for the overall design focus to be centered around the user and the user's experience, and is a viable model for small liberal arts colleges that do not have resources for user-centered design courses and/or programs in interactive media design. She will present two on-going interdisciplinary team projects that are comprised of students from UW-Whitewater's programs in Art & Design, Computer Science, Communication, Business, and Political Science; one is investigating the relationship between UI/IX/UX and public opinion of internet privacy policies, the other is a student-run lean start-up company that is developing a web-based, eSports social media app. Following is a link with more information: http://ixda.org

Teri Frame

  • Stepping Up: The Australian Ceramics Triennale Canberra Theatre Centre Playhouse, Canberra City, Australia, July 9 - 11, 2015.  The "premier national forum for ceramics in Australia," this event "attracts leading national and international industry leaders, ceramics practitioners, educators, collectors, critics and cultural theorists." http://www.australianceramicstriennale.com.au/2015/

Dan Kim

  • Creative Quarterly 35: The Journal of Art and Design. New York, NY. June 2014. Daniel Kim's EPSON compatible inkjet cartridge package design for RION corp. was accepted for publication. http://cqjournal.com/gallery
  • 2014 Communicator Award, The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts. "Excellence in Package Design." Ashland, KY. June 2014. Award recipients are chosen from a pool of over 6000 entries, making it one of the largest awards of its kind. https://www.communicatorawards.com/winners/gallery/

Teresa Lind

  • Silver Lake College, Gallery 117. Manitowoc, WI. October 30, 2014 - November 30, 2014. By invitation, this two-person exhibit features cast and fabricated sculptures by Wisconsin artists Teresa Lind and Garrett Krueger.
  • Sculpture in the Quad. Auburn University-Montgomery, AL. September 2014-September 2016. A national juried exhibit of outdoor sculpture to be displayed at AUM for a period of two years. Only 4 sculptors were invited to display their work and present a lecture to the students at AUM. The sculpture called ʺString Theoryʺ was installed on September 18th, 2014 and will be on view through the summer of 2016. Following is a link with more information:

Renée Melton

  • Logo Lounge 8: International Identities by Leading Designers, published July 2014.  From over 35,000 submissions, four of Melton's logos were selected for inclusion in the 8th edition of this bestselling series, one of which is profiled in the book's introduction as a juror's choice selection.

A. Bill Miller

  • New Media Caucus Showcase. College Arts Association Annual Conference. New York. Feb 12, 2015. The NMC showcase is a series of rapid-fire presentations by 16 NMC members (6 minute presentations). It has proven to be a great forum to get to know the work of a number of fellow members in a lively atmosphere and a great way to present your work to like-minded individuals. Following is a link with more information:
  • "Revisiting the Gridworks Collection Project Archive." Artists Now! Guest Lecture Series, UW Milwaukee. Feb 18, 2015. A general overview of the developments within the Gridworks Collection Project Archive in recent years. This presentation will include a live audio/visual performance. Following is a link with more information: http://www4.uwm.edu/psoa/artdesign/artistsnow/
  • Browser BASED. Panel "EXPANDED ANIMATION: BREAKING THE FRAME" at College Arts Association Annual Conference. New York. Feb 13, 2015. The Internet is regularly referred to and discussed as a presentation medium, one that allows for an artist to showcase their work. Although that approach describes how the majority of artists use the Internet, it does not account for those that use the same public space for the realization of their artwork. Within the trends and threads of popular Internet culture there is a wealth of uses of animation related formats by artists. This presentation seeks to identify some of those threads and highlight some examples of animation that are specific to web browsers, but are also quite BASED.
  • First Look GIFs. Queens, New York. The First Look Film Festival will take place at the Museum of Moving Image from January 9-18. For First Look, the Museum commissioned seven artists from around the world to create animated GIFs. The participants and their work represent the broad diversity of the animated GIF as an art form. Following are some links with more information:
  • GLITCHICAGO: An Exhibition of Chicago Glitch Art Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, Chicago, IL, August 1 - September 28, 2014 | The exhibit "presents the work of 22 artists working with glitch in a wide variety of media. All have participated in the city’s glitch art scene, though they may come from other cities and indeed other countries." http://uima-chicago.org/glitchicago-an-exhibition-of-chicago-glitch-art/
  • Language and Code Transfer Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, August 9 - September 1, 2014 | "This collaborative exhibition fromA. Bill Miller and Daniel Temkin presents alternative 'aesthetic' experiences with language." http://transfergallery.com/exhibitions/2014/08/a-bill-miller-daniel-temkin/
  • CAC.4 Computer Art Congress Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, September 1 - 3, 2014 | GIF Free for All, curated by A. Bill Miller, will be exhibited at this event. http://cac4.eba.ufrj.br/
  • Breaking the Frame, CAA Conference, New York, NY, February 11 - 14, 2015 | This panel presentation by A. Bill Miller discusses browser-based animation and experiments.

Xiaohong Zhang

  • Perception Lightwell Gallery at the University of Oklahoma, August 18 - September 3, 2014 | Xiaohong Zhang will exhibit as part of this four-person show. https://www.ou.edu/content/finearts/art_arthistory/lightwell_gallery.html
  • In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the “Across the Divide” Forum, Xiaohong Zhang worked as one of five conference committee members to host symposiums with China's Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts and Central Academy of Fine Arts on the comparison of Sino-American educational systems and pedagogical approaches in art, design and art history on June 16 - 17, 2014.


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