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Our members are any University of Wisconsin-Whitewater student that creates any form of art that can be hung in a gallery and wish to exhibit their work. Although the organization most benefits art majors and minors, we welcome and appreciate any student who would like to join.

Faculty Advisor: Mike Flanagan

Mission Statement: Our mission as an organization is to provide anyone who creates art and would like to display their work with exhibition opportunities.

Goals: SAA'a goal is to provide exhibition opportunities for artists to display their works, either for their own self-fulfillment or for a competitive looking resume that they couldn't necessarily get through just the school.

Activities: Just last year we were involved with a painting community service project as well as Earth Week in alignment with CMU and SAGE, hosting a recycled material sculpture-building contest. Other activities include exhibitions in various locations such as: Sweet Spot, Studio 84, and this coming year we will have one in Janesville at the Hedberg Library.

Meetings: We have general member meetings once a month at the discretion of the president.

Dues: Members pay $5 dollars when they join (a one time payment) as well as turn in a three question application.