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Undergraduate Research

  • Focused and in-depth investigation into new concepts and/or technical skills and applications.
  • Development of critical thinking, problem solving and research skills to work through any problems encountered.
  • Contribution of new knowledge/information to the discourse of chosen field/subject.
  • Clear communication and application of the proposed research and newly obtained information through the exitus of the research

All majors within the College of Arts and Communication are strongly encouraged to participate in Undergraduate Research. Students who experience Undergraduate Research are given invaluable skills and a deeper/clearer understanding of their own personal vision. UR diversifies the college experience; gives students an avenue to be inventive and apply knowledge obtained in the classroom to real world questions/experience; it gives students the opportunity to work with and get to know researchers who are internationally recognized professionals within their chosen field; it introduces the student to cutting edge concepts, technologies and techniques; it reflects positively on the students and the students work ethic and is highly regarded when applying to graduate or professional school; and ultimately it will help the students to understand the pace and commitment required to become successful within the fields of Fine Art and Design.

Expectations of the Faculty Mentor:

  • Establish the nature of the project and what you expect of the student before signing the Independent Study Registration Approval form. You should expect the student to work on the project approximately 3 actual hours each week for each credit (i.e., 3 credits would typically require about 9 hours of weekly work).
  • Clearly communicate to the student researcher your expectations and level of commitment 
  • Discuss with the student researcher possible outcomes and applications for the projected research
  • Meet with student researchers frequently to assist in problem solving and guide the direction of research

Review application, abstract, research, presentation and any other UR requirements.

Expectations of the Student Researcher:

  • Propose and complete a project that contributes new information to your chosen area of study. (The proposed project must be placed in contemporary context and give reference to the history that lead up to and enabled your research.) See UWW Undergraduate Research website for application details and requirements.
  • Clearly communicate with your faculty advisor to meet all deadlines in a timely manner. 
  • Clearly communicate your expectations of your Faculty Mentor.
  • Request peer reviews of your proposal, abstract, presentation and project before submitting to your faculty advisor. (plan ahead, this is meant to aid in your success)
  • Participate in Undergraduate Research Day at UW-Whitewater. Student researchers may chose to present physical research outcomes, digital presentation, or both.
  • If you chose to present a digital presentation the following must be included:
  • Illustrated documentation of all research processes.
  • Historical and contemporary references and influences
  • Illustrated documentation of project outcomes and applications
  • Information to establish the relevance and importance of this research.
  • If you chose to present physical research outcomes:
  • You will be responsible for all installation and de-installation of your work (this includes mounts, framing, matting....)
  • Student researchers must work with UR coordinator to reserve pedestals/walls 
  • Student researchers are responsible for preparing pedestals/walls for presentation (paint, clean....)
  • Submit application to National Conference of Undergraduate Research.

*If your proposed research relates to the capstone "BFA" exhibition you may be eligible for additional funding (up to $1000) beyond the current $500. Please see URP website for details and/or speak with your faculty mentor or Department of Art and Design Counsel representative.
For more information regarding URP details, Spring and Fall application deadlines and all other information, please visit:

Research support programs at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

  • University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Undergraduate Research Program. This highly competitive program provides undergraduates with the unique opportunity to work closely with UF faculty. Teamed with a faculty mentor, students pick their topic, conduct summer research, and complete their paper throughout the following academic year. All undergraduates are eligible. You may choose to work with a faculty member in a different college than your own major. Scholars receive a $2,500 stipend and $500 for travel to a scholarly conference to present the results of the research. In addition, scholars have the opportunity to publish their research in UF's online Journal of Undergraduate Research.
  • The Ronald McNair Scholars program, McNair Scholars Program prepares first-generation and multicultural students for doctoral study and eventually careers as college Professors. The program matches each student with a faculty mentor in their major; provides resources for undergraduate research projects; enhances students' quantitative computer, test taking, research methods, and critical thinking skills; provides students with opportunities to present research findings at regional and national conferences; provides stipends for on-campus and external summer research internships.
  • University Honors Program, The University Honors Program is an academic experience for motivated students who seek a challenging and intellectually enriched learning environment. With small classes and seminars, led by some of the university's most accomplished teachers and scholars, the program encourages research and other creative activities, study abroad, internships and scholarship opportunities.

UW-Whitewater Undergraduate Research