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A career in teaching can be very rewarding! This is especially true when teaching Art. Being an Art educator allows you to work with learners raising their awareness to the visual world of nature, the diversity of human culture and self-awareness as well. Teachers of Art engage students with activities that foster explorations of materials that result in expressions of personal creativity.

The Department of Art works in conjunction with the College of Education to offer a BSE (Bachelor of Science in Education) track in Art Education, allowing students to become teachers of art at the elementary and high school level. This program give a broad preparation in Studio, Art History, and Educational Methods results in licensure to teach Art in grades K-12. The requirements of the BSE degree are defined by the College of Education. The program in Art Education at UWW (like all education programs) is approved by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and the National Council for the Accreditation of Colleges of Education.

Alternative licensing/certification routes can be developed through the Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Arts degrees in the College of Arts and Communications. Certification provides graduates with the ability to become instructors in specific areas of art, such as art history, jewelry, printmaking, etc. This is a certification for Elementary and High School only, and is obtained by completing a block of courses in the College of Education in addition to the requirements of the BFA or BA degrees.

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