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The Metal program, directed by Associate Professor Teresa Faris, is an active and vibrant area of study emphasizing the design, research and fabrication of non-ferrous metal objects, both wearable and sculptural. Basic to sophisticated technical skills are explored with an emphasis on contemporary issues relevant to metalsmithing as an art form. The faculty and students are actively engaged artists who exhibit nationally and internationally and travel each year to the annual professional conference.


Career Outcomes: Studio Jeweler, Goldsmith (Either working in the "Industry" or as independent), Silversmith (make religious/ceremonial objects, flatware, utilitarian objects....), Metalsmith (make religious/ceremonial objects, flatware, utilitarian objects....), Conservationist/Repair person for historical and contemporary metal objects, Educator,  Mount-maker (museum), Fashion Jewelry Designer, Packaging Designer and maker (zipper pull, charm...), Blacksmith, Mold-Maker, Consultant for Jewelry and Fashion Industry, Wardrobe Accessories Specialist

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