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The UW-Whitewater Ceramics program is fully committed to offering students at all levels a progressive environment in which to learn the technical and conceptual applications inherent in the fabrication of ceramic arts. The physical space and equipment allows for investigation and technical exploration in the areas of electric, gas, salt, soda, raku and saggar firing methods. Two and three-dimensional design concepts and aesthetic concerns are highlighted as related to the whole of ceramics and art. Examples of ceramics, from the historical to the contemporary, are infused into the curriculum through various means such as slide presentations, examples in the round and biannual workshops and lectures from nationally and internationally known artists working with clay. The studio philosophy prides itself in being non-dogmatic in it's approach to constructing ceramic objects. Beginning students are introduced to both vessel and sculptural applications through fundamental hand-building and potter's wheel techniques. Intermediate students learn basic clay and glaze formulation principles while honing and building upon previously learned skills. Advanced students explore specific applications of ceramic processes such as mold-making, advanced clay and glaze formulation, kiln construction and firing techniques while being encouraged to develop a personal visual language through ceramic form.

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