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The sculpture program at UW-Whitewater prides itself on nurturing an environment that allows for students to identify and successfully develop their problem solving skills utilizing a visual approach. Students interested in pursuing a career in the three dimensional arts will be thoroughly challenged through a vast array of processes, techniques and stimulating constructive criticism intended to further the development of their personal expression/aesthetics .Continual emphasis is placed on the students immediate classroom needs as well as their long term goals and objectives related to the discipline. There is constant opportunity and discussion as to when and where the goals and objectives of sculpture can apply in the individuals' daily life.

Career Outcomes: Students that pursue an emphasis in sculpture tend to select the following career choices after graduation: Pursue an MFA in their related area of expertise. This type of degree would allow for an individual to instruct at the university level or further investigate their personal growth and artist expression in the discipline. Pursue a career as a professional studio artist. This path allows for the individuals to pursue an entrepreneurial approach in the discipline upon graduation. Apply for residencies or apprentice ships at Art/ Craft schools or related programs. Teach at a variety of levels depending on the acquired certification obtained while at the university.

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