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MAGD ExpoThe MAGD Expo is a juried show of interactive entertainment, 3D, 2D, aural, virtual and animated creative work held annually at the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater. The show is open to individuals or groups of any age and is not limited to students.
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Media Arts & Game Development
Jeff Herriott, Professor
PH: 262-472-1424


The Media Arts and Game Development curriculum represents a unique and valuable opportunity for students to acquire both a four year liberal arts degree and an in-depth technical education that will prepare them for media work in the real world. After developing a broad base of general skills, students will choose one of our three degree emphasis to develop their professional skills and explore their personal interests. 


The Core: All students share a common core of seven classes, which ensure that students have a solid theoretical and technical foundation for upper-division work. Students complete most of the first five courses before moving into their desired "thread."

Threads: After completing the majority of the core classes, student split into three threads, Communication/Gaming, Technology, or Media Arts. The curriculum inside these threads is set up to have a minimum of required classes to allow students as much freedom as possible to create an individualized structure that meets their ambitions and goals. As digital media converges and intersects, we want our students to be comfortable juggling platforms, software and content produced in any medium to produce effective, compelling, and attractive interactive media.

Final Core: All students share a common 2-course capstone experience, working both to develop their individual portfolios and as part of large-scale team projects.


MAGD offers 24-credit minors in Media Arts, Communication/Gaming, Gaming Technology, mirroring the options in the major. Both of the Media Art and Communication/ Gaming minors feature the same general core and electives as the majors, while the Gaming Technology minor was specifically made to pair with a major in Computer Science.

Details about the exact courses in each of these minors can be found here:

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