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Post-Baccalaureate Music Education Licensure

We frequently accommodate students who have already received music degrees who seek licensure or additional licensure to teach music in the public schools. Every case is different, and students will generally be working with the Coordinator of Music Education (Prof. Holmes) to lay out a program of coursework. Returning students will generally need to fulfill four types of requirements:

  1. PI34 In some cases, there may be General Education courses necessary to fulfill WI Department of Public Instruction PI34 standards. These are the general requirements for all WI licensures. Click here for an explanation of PI34. Generally, a College of Education advisor will work to line up the coursework you've had with these requirements, but be aware that in some cases, additional coursework may be necessary, depending on what you have taken at your previous school.
  2. Specific College of Education and State of Wisconsin requirements. Generally, this includes the three courses of what is generally called "pre-block" (EDFOUND 212 - Educational Psychology, EDFOUND 243 - Education in Pluralistic Society, and EDFNDPRC 210 - Observation and Participation) and SECNDED 466 Literacy Strategies. This is a total of 12 credits. Students may also need to take and pass the Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST), and the four-phase portfolio requirements. All students seeking licensure in the state of Wisconsin must now complete all or part of the edTPA portfolio, even if they already have licensure in one of more areas. Click here for an explanation of edTPA.
  3. Specific Music Department requirements. These vary by certification (see more information here), your prior degree, and whether your degree was awarded from a National Association of Schools of Music (NASM)-accredited institution*. Generally speaking, we would expect you to take the coursework necessary for the degree that you did not take at your previous school. As noted, each case is individual, and we will work to set up a plan that allows you to be as efficient as possible while still fulfilling the requirements.
  4. Prerequisites:
    • Students applying with a performance degree from a NASM-accredited institution only need to fulfill the UW-Whitewater music education licensure program requirements not met in their performance degree.
    • Students applying with a BA need to fulfill all the requirements of the UW-Whitewater Music Ed licensure and degree to include an audition, lessons, ensemble participation, coursework, juries, and recital.
    • Students applying from a non-NASM-accredited institution must go through the full audition process and fulfill all requirements of the UW-Whitewater Music Ed licensure and degree requirements.
    • Student Teaching. The capstone of your coursework will be a one-semester placement appropriate to the certification(s) you are seeking.

*NASM (National Association of Schools of Music) is a national accrediting agency for music and music-related disciplines that assure music schools meet high standards. If you are unsure of whether your former school was accredited, we can help.