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Auditions for Theatre/Dance Department productions are open to everyone - majors, minors, non-majors/minors, community members etc. Typically auditions require a resume, headshot and one or two monologues plus a song for the musicals. Specifics vary from production to production but are included in each audition announcement. The Theatre/Dance Department produces six mainstage productions and two Summeround productions annually. There are also opportunities to audition for the directing class scenes, one-act plays and the Emerging Choreographers Concert. You can find the details about upcoming auditions below.


Miss Lulu Bett by Zona Gale
directed by Sara Griffin
April 28 - May 1 at 7:30 pm
May 2 - 3 @ 2:00 pm

AUDITION DATE: December 9, 2019 from 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Hicklin Studio Theatre, Greenhill Center of the Arts
(950 W. Main Street Whitewater, WI 53190)

What to bring/prepare*:
- 8x10 color headshot, with acting resume of same size stapled to back
- 1 monologue, not to exceed 90 seconds, performed without a dialect or accent

*Special note for Theatre majors/minors only:
- monologues must be from a play, written between 1900-1945
- Performance BFAs and pre-BFAs who do not follow the specified format for headshots and resumes will be instructed to leave auditions and return with their materials in the correct format. If you have questions as to what the correct format is, contact Sara Griffin at .

Callbacks will take place immediately after monologues finish. It is HIGHLY recommended that you read the play prior to auditions - we will be doing the revised Act 3 ending. Scripts can be found by visiting the Department of Theatre/Dance Office, Center of the Arts Room 2076.


Callback Sides




Dwight/Mother Bett


Lulu/Mother Bett


Character Descriptions:
Mother Bett- mother to Lulu and Ina, lives with Deacon family, speaks her mind frankly
Lulu Bett- unmarried, sister to Ina, daughter to Mother Bett, lives with and serves Deacon family
Ina Deacon- married to Dwight Deacon, sister to Lulu, daughter of Mother Bett, obedient, unassertive, lacks control over her children
Dwight Deacon- head of the Deacon household, overbearing, dominant, doesn’t tolerate anything disagreeable/not to his liking
Monona Deacon- youngest Deacon child, spoiled
Diana Deacon- eldest Deacon child, a flirt, can’t wait to get out of the house
Bobby Larkin- schoolmate of Diana Deacon
Mr. Cornish- local business man, single
Ninian Deacon- Dwight’s brother, world traveller