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Auditions for Theatre/Dance Department productions are open to everyone - majors, minors, non-majors/minors, community members etc. Typically auditions require a resume, headshot and one or two monologues plus a song for the musicals. Specifics vary from production to production but are included in each audition announcement. The Theatre/Dance Department produces six mainstage productions and two Summeround productions annually. There are also opportunities to audition for the directing class scenes, one-act plays and the Emerging Choreographers Concert. You can find the details about upcoming auditions below.


Vanity Fair & The Misanthrope

Auditions will be done via Video Submission, instructions on format below
Submission Deadline: 11:59 pm May 22, 2020

Submission Format

Please record yourself using a smartphone, or other device that records both sound and video. Record the sides for the character/Actor track you are interested in playing. If you are interested in more than one character/Actor track, record no more than two characters/Actor tracks total, and indicate your preferences on the Audition Information/Questionnaire. Videos should be emailed to the directors at  and by above deadline. Either of the following methods are acceptable:

  • Post to YouTube as an “Unlisted” video, and email director the YouTube generated link to video
  • Use “WeTransfer” website (free option, no need to make an account) to email videos to director

Use these two options only.

Tips on recording videos from the directors

Please make sure I can see your face, but also most of your body in the video. I suggest mid-thigh up to the top of your head for a frame. Keep your focus near the camera, just to the left or right, without looking directly into it. Try to keep ambient and external noise to a minimum, and find a plain background. A bare, or nearly bare wall works well.

 Fill out the Information Sheet and Questionnaire, and submit with your video.

Production Notes for Vanity Fair: This show will require dialects, mostly British R.P. (Received Pronunciation). Please use this dialect in your audition. Below are some resources to use to learn and improve your dialect.
Hilary Jones, and there are two versions here. The first, very conservative and traditional, and the second, more relaxed and common.

R.P. Handout and “Ask” List Documents
This document shows what changes to make to traditional American English sounds to make them sound more British. If you need help, please reach out to director at .

Vanity Fair

By: Kate Hamill
Directed by: Sara J. Griffin

Performance Dates: October 6-11, 2020
Rehearsal Dates: September 2- October 5, 2020
            Rehearsal Hours:       Monday- Friday, 6:00- 9:00
                                                    Saturday, 11:00- 4:00

 *At this time, it is our hope and plan to move forward with in-person rehearsals and performances. The official decision to do so will be made later this summer by the Chancellor.

Auditions will be done via Video Submission
Submission Deadline: 11:59 pm May 22, 2020

DON’T STRESS! Just do your best.

  • Most actors will play many roles. This may require you to play someone with a different gender identity than you, different dialect, different age, and certainly different physicality. To learn specifics about each character, read the play.
  • Actors will be required to move set pieces/scenery as part of the show.
  • External Understudies will be used for this production.
  • Author Notes: “Imagination should fill in most blanks; place is often indicated in the text. Think seedy band of roving actors, putting on a play (or fair) with minimum effort. Tattered, dingy things that once looked nice and have now gone to rot- as far as I’m concerned, everything may come out of Becky’s ratty little trunk.”
  • One more time for the folx in the back, READ THE PLAY.


Available Roles

Becky Sharp               W, 18-30 through play. Bit of a brat, really.
Amelia Sedley            W, 18-30 through play. Bit of a sap, really.
Actor 1                        Manager/ Miss Matilda Crawley/ Lord Steyne
Actor 2                        Rawdon/ Mr. Sedley/ Fairgoer/ Coachman/ General Tufto/German Fairgoer 1
Actor 3                        Dobbin/ Miss Pinkerton/ Rose Crawley/ Gentleman 1/ Servant 2/Servant 3
Actor 4                        George/ Lesser Pitt/ Miss Briggs/ Lady Bareacres/ Servant 1/Landlord/ German Fairgoer 2/ Gentleman 2/ Sheriff
Actor 5                        Jos/ Sir Pitt/ Mr. Osbourne/ Miss Jemima/ Lady Chesterton/Auctioneer/ King


Audition Material

 Actor 1:
            Manager: Pg 2-3, “There are no morals here” through “WHAT DO YOU WANT?”
             Lord Steyne: Pg 104- 105, “Surprise” through “Ingratitude is expensive”

 Actor 2:
Rawdon: Pg 108- 109, “A watchdog” to “pittance”, jump to “I’m taking Rawdy” through “We’re done”, cut Becky line
            Mr. Sedley: Pg 12- 13, “Oh, oh, step careful!” through “SIRRAH?!!!”, cut Amelia line

 Actor 3:
Dobbin: Pg 123- 124, “- Amelia, please!” through “- very happy”, cutting Amelia lines
            Miss Pinkerton: Pg 7, “Your father was” through “know your origins”

Actor 4:
George: Pg 25, “You were playing” through “loudest of all”, cut other lines
            Lady Bareacres: Pg 61, “There’s that gawdy” through “a scandal”, cut other lines

Actor 5:
Jos: Pg 111-112, “I was just” through “look after…the”, cut all Amelia lines and “Jos.”
            Sir Pitt: Pg 32, “How d’ye find” through “say to that, sir?”, cut other lines; OR Pg 33, “My younger boy” through “stand there and blush”
            Miss Jemima: Pg 5, “Nothing, Miss Pinkerton” through “laugh, Miss Pinkerton”

Pg 73-74, “I hate the nasty” through “false friend”, cut Becky lines
            Pg 76-77, “Can you, Major?” through “Just like his father”, jump to “- you have been”  Through “be my friend”, cut other lines

            Pg 10, “If this place” through “a little fun”, cutting Amelia’s lines
            Pg 109, “You think I got” through “get to judge me”
            Pg 126, “It’s true that I do not” through “is your Dobbin”


If there is need for specific callbacks, they will take place over a live WebX meeting on Tuesday, May 26, 11:00- 2:00. If you are called back and are unavailable during this time, it is possible to make other arrangements. Schedule by reaching out to director, Sara J. Griffin, once notified for a callback. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Sara at .

The Misanthrope

by Moliere and Translated/Adapted by Neil Bartlett
Directed by Bruce Cohen


  • Tuesday, December 1, 2020 at 10:00 am (High School Matinee)
  • Tuesday-Friday, December 1-4, 2020 at 7:30pm
  • Saturday-Sunday, December 5-6, 2020 at 1:00pm

Audition Information

This is an open call and the community is invited. You do not have to be a Theatre/Dance major to audition. See sides and specifics below.
*At this time, it is our hope and plan to move forward with in-person rehearsals and performances. The official decision to do so will be made later this summer by the Chancellor.

Auditions will be done via Video Submission
Submission Deadline: 11:59 pm May 22, 2020


Character Breakdown

          CELIMENE (A young woman of nineteen or twenty. A rising star)
          ALCESTE (In love with Celimene)
          ORONTE (In love with Celimene)
          PHILINTE (Alceste's best friend)
          ELIANTE (Celimene's 'cousine')
          ARSINOE (Celimene's "friend")

All auditioning are asked to prepare one of the following monologues for the audition. The monologue does not need to be memorized, but you should be familiar with the script which you can read here >>> The Misanthrope


Alceste - Page 68
Oronte - Page 90
Arsinoe - Page 93
Celemene - Page 107 to 108