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Auditions for Theatre/Dance Department productions are open to everyone - majors, minors, non-majors/minors, community members etc. Typically auditions require a resume, headshot and one or two monologues plus a song for the musicals. Specifics vary from production to production but are included in each audition announcement. The Theatre/Dance Department produces five mainstage productions and two Summeround productions annually. There are also opportunities to audition for the directing class scenes, one-act plays and the Emerging Choreographers Concert. You can find the details about upcoming auditions below.

For incoming Freshman, check out more information on our Freshman Scholarship Day.

Antigone Auditions

Adaptation By: Paul Woodruff
Director: Sara J. Griffin
Music Director: Bob Gehrenbeck
Read the Script here

Rehearsal Schedule:  January 12- 13, 19 – February 14
              Monday- Friday         6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
              Saturday                      11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Filming Schedule:  February 15- 22
              Monday-Tuesday      6:00- 9:00
              Wednesday-Friday    5:00- 10:00
              Saturday- Sunday      12:00- 5:00
              Monday (if needed)   5:00- 10:00

Auditions will be done via Video Submission
Submission Deadline: 11:59 pm, November 23, 2020


Submission Format
Please record yourself using a smartphone, or other device that records both sound and video. Videos should be emailed to both director and music director at their emails, and by above deadline. Either of the following methods are acceptable:

  • Post to YouTube as “Unlisted” in the privacy settings, and email director the YouTube generated link to video
  • Use “WeTransfer” website (free option, no need to make an account) to email videos to director

These two options only.

Tips on recording videos from director
Please make sure I can see your face, but also most of your body in the video. I suggest mid-thigh up to the top of your head for a frame. Deliver your text straight down the barrel of the camera. Try to keep ambient and external noise to a minimum, and find a plain background. A bare, or nearly bare wall works well.

Fill out the Information Sheet and Questionnaire, and submit with your video. Please provide a theatrical resume in a PDF.

Production Notes

  • This production will be rehearsed, performed and delivered to audience virtually. There will be actual elements filmed in the Barnett or Hicklin Theater.
  • There will be musical elements to the show, specifically vocal. Please indicate vocal abilities on resume and Audition Info Sheet.
  • This show will be physical. Make sure your audition incorporates physicality.
  • The style of this production, as with most Greek plays, is large and epic in scale. These characters are dealing with monumental emotions and situations. Your acting need to be of this scale, without sacrificing honesty and truth.


Actors cast will need the following:

  • A device with a webcam
  • Space to move for rehearsals
  • An ethernet cord that can be plugged into your device and the router that you are using for Wifi (this may require an attachment such as a dongle)

All of these items must be obtained by first rehearsal, January 12.



Available Roles

To learn specifics about each character, read the play.


            Antigone        Sister to Ismene, Polyneices, and Eteocles; fiancée to Haemon

            Ismene            Sister to Antigone, Polyneices, and Eteocles

            Creon              King of Thebes, father to Haemon

            Eurydice         Queen of Thebes, mother to Haemon

            Haemon         Fiancée to Antigone, son of Creon and Eurydice

            Tiresias           Blind prophet of Apollo

            Chorus Leader

            Chorus            Council of Elders

            Watchman     Guard of corpse

            Messenger     Servant to Creon

            Non-Speaking Roles: Attendants, Servants, Boy

One more time for the folks in the back, READ THE PLAY.


Audition Material

  • Sing 16 bars of a classic, golden age musical. You can do this a cappella or provide your own accompaniment.
  • Record all the sides listed for the character(s) you are interested in playing. If you are interested in more than one character, record no more than two characters’ assigned material and indicate your preferences on the Audition Information/Questionnaire.



  • Pg 19, Lines 450- 470, “What laws” through “fool to think that”
  • Pg 39-40, Lines 908- 928, “What law can I claim” through “as I do now”
  • Create a non-verbal physicalization of the burial rites over Polyneices


  • Pg 3, Lines 49- 68, “Oh no! Think carefully” through “aim too high, too far”


  • Pg 12, Lines 280- 303, “Stop right there” through “in time, they’ll pay”
  • Pg 54, Lines 1261- 1269, “Oh, howl” through “never yours”


  • Pg 51, Lines 1183- 1191, “Tell me, men” through “hearing bad news”


  • Pg 30-31, Lines 688-723, “My natural duty’s” through “anyone who speaks well”
  • Create a non-verbal physicalization of Haemon’s death


  • Pg 43-44, Lines 997- 1029, “ You’ll see” through “Proves you’re a fool”
  • Pg 46-47, Lines 1064- 1076, “So be it” through “your own crimes”

Chorus Leader/Chorus

  • Pg 15-16, Lines 354- 384, “Language and a mind” through “laws of kings”
  • Pg 35, Lines 781- 800, “In battle” through “unbeatable Aphrodite”


  • Pg 11, Lines 245- 273, “Ok, here it is” through “a thing like this”, cut Creon’s line


  • Pg 52, Lines 1192- 1218, “I will, beloved” through “of my mind

If there is need for specific callbacks, they will take place over a live WebEx meeting November 24, 2020. If you are called back and are unavailable this day, it is possible to make other arrangements. Schedule by reaching out to director once notified for a callback.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Sara at .