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Listed below are external job and internship boards recommended by our career staff. For job listings specifically for UWW students and alumni, visit Handshake. Looking for job postings online is just one strategy to use in your job search, so we recommend working with your designated career advisor/counselor to develop and tailor your plan for your career path. See how to make an appointment here.

Disclosure: Please take note that while this is a sampling of some of our preferred resources for job searching, inclusion does not represent an endorsement by UWW Career Services.

Job boards do sometimes include fraudulent job postings, so we encourage you to be careful and research the job/employer before accepting a position. Please beware if:

  • You’re asked to provide your bank account information to the employer after you’ve only interacted with the individual via email. Legitimate employers will have a paper form to complete for direct deposit or a secured website linked to the company.
  • The individual hiring you wants to send you a check for you to deposit into your account, then withdraw cash and make purchases for them. This will most likely be a fraudulent check, and you will be responsible for the money.
  • The email address does not look like a legitimate company/business email address.
  • The name of the contact person does not match the contact listed in the job description and likewise if the job description posted does not match what the individual is asking you to do.
  • The individual is very persistent in giving you this job.
  • You received an offer without having an interview.
  • The individual does not want to meet in-person or talk on the phone. They may say they are out of the country for some time and will meet with you later. If you experience any of these situations, cease any activity the individual is asking you to do and contact Career & Leadership Development immediately.

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