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A resume is an important marketing tool, so it is your opportunity to demonstrate how your skills and experiences match an employer’s needs. The primary goal of a resume is to secure an interview!

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Resume Samples

The following are some resume samples to give you some ideas about what a resume looks like, what you might include in it, and how to format it. Even if you don’t see your specific major listed here, these are general resume samples that will guide you in creating or revising a resume.

  • Use category headings to organize your information on your resume. Consider some of the following: Objective or Summary; Education; Work Experience; Activities and Organizations; Honors & Awards; Relevant Skills
  • Use bullet points to organize your descriptions. Begin your bullet point statements with action/power verbs. Here's an additional resource for action verbs.
  • Use standard, non-serif fonts such as Courier, Arial, or Times New Roman in a readable font size (10-12 point font).
  • Create ½ inch to 1 inch margins on all 4 sides: top, bottom, right, and left.
  • Highlight important headings and aspects of your resume by bolding, underlining, indenting, capitalizing, and/or italicizing to attract the reader’s eye, but make sure this formatting is consistent.
  • Be concise. A one-page resume is often adequate unless you have extensive relevant experience (exceptions are fields such as Education, Human Services, and Higher Education).
  • Use white or off-white resume paper only unless you’re in an art/creative field.
  • Keep your references on a separate document – not the resume.
  • Write out everything. Do not use abbreviations!
  • Proofread! Avoid all grammatical and spelling errors.