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Classes begins September, 2022.  Registration coming soon.  Cheers!

Join us online to explore why beer matters.  We will explore beer and brewing from ancient times to today’s international brewing conglomerates. The beery miracles of medieval saints, Prohibition, and beer in Wisconsin are just a couple of the topics in this course. Join other beer fans, homebrewers, and history buffs in online discussions and virtual meet-ups with Dr. Karl Brown, UW-W History professor and former professional brewer.

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What is a MOOC?

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are classes designed to maximize the capabilities of videoconferencing and online education in an informal and self-paced environment. UW-Whitewater’s MOOCs are not offered for credit. No previous college-level or online learning experience are needed for this class, and it is open to adults 21 years old and older. 

The “Beer Matters” MOOC features six one-week sections of content, including video lectures, reading materials, primary documents, and images. Class members participate at their own pace and interact with each other in discussion boards online. These asynchronous activities are complemented by virtual meet-ups and happy hours led by Dr. Brown, and some will include guest speakers. Our meet-ups are held in real time, so we hope you’ll join us for some casual conversation and a few virtual toasts!

Hogarth Beer Alley

Meet the Staff

Karl Brown

Karl Brown
Associate Professor of History

Kari Borne

Kari Borne
Outreach Prgm Assoc Dir
(262) 472-1003

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