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Beer Matters

Join us for this two-week taste of our online course “Beer Matters.” In this sample, you will learn about Prohibition: who were the major players, what were the underlying issues, and how it is still relevant today. Join other beer fans, homebrewers, and history buffs in online discussions with Dr. Karl Brown, UW-W History professor and former professional brewer.

Class begins May 20, and ends with a virtual happy hour on June 3. Cheers!

Beer Matters will return in its six pack form in September. Join us to revisit Prohibition and learn more about ancient, global and local brewing, and much, much more!

Meet Your Instructor:

Karl Brown, Assistant Professor of History

“I’m really looking forward to teaching this MOOC once again. Before going to graduate school for my PhD in Modern European History, I worked in brewpubs in Japan and Greece, and this class gives me the chance to combine my formal training as a historian with my past experience as a professional brewer. It’s my goal that everyone who takes this class comes away from it with both a broad understanding of beer in history—from prehistoric times to Prohibition, and from colonial times to modern-day corporate mergers—and the basic knowledge necessary to brew beer, wine, mead, or any other fermented beverage.”

What is a MOOC?

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are online learning experiences that aims to have unlimited participation. UW-Whitewater’s MOOCs are not offered for credit. No previous college-level or online learning experience needed, and are open to adults 21 years old and older.

The “Beer Matters, the Sampler”  is a two week sample of our six-week course, Beer Matters.  The sampler is comprised of a video lecture, primary documents, and images. Participants are encouraged to participate at their own pace and interact with each other in discussion boards online. The sample will include a virtual meet up on June 3.  Information on how to access the meet up will be available in the course site.

Partners Include: