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Girl's Basketball

UW-Whitewater Girl's Basketball Camps

The philosophy of our girl's basketball camps is to provide quality instruction in all phases of the game. Campers will receive individual attention from highly skilled coaches and players. An emphasis will be placed on improving their individual games and instruction will be aimed at improving fundamental skills such as shooting, passing, ball handling, rebounding, individual offense and individual defense.

To maximize the experience, campers will be divided into teams where they will work closely with their teammates and coach. Each player will receive individual attention from their team coach as well as the camp directors. Teams will have limited numbers and all campers will get the opportunity to participate equally.

Our aim is to not only improve the camper's skill level but to improve their level of enjoyment for the game as well. A series of competitions throughout their stay at camp will increase their determination to succeed as well as their desire to play the game. All of these things are what makes UW-Whitewater girl's basketball camps some of the best in Wisconsin.