Frequently Asked Questions




How soon do I need to register for a camp?

Different camps have different deadlines, depending on the camp date. Early registration is appreciated and ensures availability of space and timeliness of information.

Is the non-refundable camp deposit a part of the camp fee?

Yes. Whatever amount is paid as a deposit is deducted from the total camp fee.

If I pay only the deposit now, when is the balance due?

The camp balance is due 10 days prior to the start of camp. MasterCard and Visa are accepted via secure online payment system only.  Cash and checks made out to UW-Whitewater can be delivered to Continuing Education Services, 800 W. Main Street, Roseman 2005, Whitewater WI 53190.

Does the Camp Health History Questionnaire require a physical examination or immunizations?

No, each camper will only need to complete a healthEcamper online health form after they complete thier online registion for camp.  The link will be in the note section of your confirmation receipt.  Pre-camp information will include the healthEcamper link and both will be available on each camps website, three weeks prior to the start of camp. 

When will I get specific camp information and schedules?

Precamp mailings will be available on each camp website 3 weeks prior to the camp start date. 

I received a camp award from UW-Whitewater last year, how do I register?

Registrants who recieved an award from camp last year will need to register and select To register and pay only the deposit registration link, if award was a partial discount. Indicate on the registration in the Special Needs/Comments section the amount of the award won.  We will compare our awards list to verify and send you an updated confirmation email.  Questions or received a full camp award?  Please call Continuing Education Services at  262-472-3165 or email

I will be receiving a scholarship from and organization, how do I register?

Registrants that will recieve a partial scholarship will need to register using the To register and pay only the deposit. Indicate on the registration in the Special Needs/Comments section the amount of the scholarship and name of the organization who is sponsoring.

Registrants recieving a full scholarship will need to contact Continuing Edcuation Services office at 262-472-3165 or email; with registrants details.

Please ensure the organization lists the registrant name and desired camp in the memo line of the check.

Your account will show a balance due until the full payment is received. Any remaining balance remains the participant’s responsibility. Any cancellations will result in the sponsorship funds being returned to the supporting organization.





Can we bring snacks?

Yes. Meals are included in the camp fee but snacks are permitted between meals. Residence Halls and campus buildings have vending machines. The University Bookstore has convenience items.

Can we bring coolers? Is there a place to purchase ice?

Yes, coolers are permitted. Ice may be purchased in the dining center. There are no refrigerators in residence hall rooms, except Starin Hall.  

How much spending money should we bring?

Room and board costs are included in the camp fees. Various camps sell athletic apparel or other merchandise, offer trips to the University Bookstore and allow nightly pizza deliveries. If campers wish to participate in these activities, additional funds are needed.

If campers bring a vehicle, are they allowed to use it during the camp?

No. Campers bringing vehicles must turn their keys in at registration and retrieve them at check-out.




Where is the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater located?

UW-Whitewater address is, 800 W. Main Street, Whitewater, WI 53190. A good directional map can be found online here: Maps/Direction. In addition, each registered camper receives a campus map and directions as part of the final mailing.

When do I find out check-in and check-out times?

This information will be on the precamp website, available on each camp specific website, three weeks prior to the camp start date.

What do I do and where do I go if I can't check in during the designated check-in time?

Campers who cannot meet the time frame of regular check-in, must notify the camp office in advance at Late arrivals should report to the designated check-in place where there will be written notification of where to report. This procedure varies from camp-to-camp but instructions for individual camps are posted at the original check-in site.




Are the residence halls air conditioned?

No. Campers are advised to bring fans.

How many people can sleep in the same room?

Camp health and safety regulations allow for only two persons per room, each in a single bed.

How do I get assigned a roommate?

Most camps provide space on the application for you to list a roommate preference. Roommate requests are honored unless multiple persons request the same roommate. In that case, campers are placed next door to each other or across the hall from each other. If no roommate request is made, campers are assigned to an age and gender-appropriate roommate. Every effort is made to ensure that campers are not housed alone. However, "no-shows" and uneven numbers do occur from time to time.

Are we allowed in residence halls other than the one assigned to our camp?

No. Entering a residence hall other than the one assigned to your camp is grounds for non-refundable dismissal from the camp.

Are pay phones available in the residence halls or do the rooms have phones?

There are pay phones in various campus facilities (Pre-paid phone cards encouraged). Cell phones are recommended.




How are the camps supervised?

Campers are supervised by adult camp staff, most of whom also reside in the residence halls. A camper/staff ratio of 10:1 is mandatory.

Do the campers have "free" time and what do they do during their free time?

Most camps have organized activities during non-instructional periods. Free time is supervised by camp staff members.

Are campers allowed off campus?

No. Campers are not allowed off campus except under the supervision and permission of a camp staff member. Any request to leave campus must be in writing from the camper's parent and given approval by the camp director.

Are parents allowed to observe camp activities?

Parents are always welcome to watch their child participate in camp activities.