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Upcoming Events

Start DateEnd DateEvent
25-Apr 25-Ap UW-Whitewater Spring Emeriti Brunch
26-Apr 26-Apr Our Futures Past Gala
27-Apr 27-Apr WSMA Solo/Ensemble
04-Apr 04-Apr Child Welfare Partnership
03-May 03-May Local Government Leadership Workshop
18-May 18-May Cello Fest
18-May 18-May Child Welfare Partnership
18-May 05-Jun Rock County: ACT Prep Session Four
20-May 23-May IPMBA Police Cyclist Course Session One
29-May 29-May IPMBA Police Cyclist Refresher Course
31-May 02-Jun Early Music Festival
01-Jun 01-Jun Rock County: Breaking Down the Sun Salutation
03-Jun 06-Jun IPMBA Police Cyclist Course Session Two
04-Jun 28-Jun Rock County: Beginner's Vinyasa Flow 1
04-Jun 28-Jun Rock County: Beginner's Yin 1
07-Jun 09-Jun Tennis: Adult
07-Jun 09-Jun Association for Research and Enlightenment
08-Jun 08-Jun Rock County: 108 Sun Salutations
09-Jun 13-Jun Game Development
09-Jun 14-Jun Choir
10-Jun 13-Jun Boys and Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee
12-Jun 16-Jun Wheelchair Basketball
13-Jun 14-Jun Wrestling Youth Clinic
15-Jun 15-Jun Wrestling: Willie Duals Team 
15-Jun 15-Jun Madison Scouts Practice
15-Jun 15-Jun Rock County: Myths, Mats and Movement
15-Jun 15-Jun Rock County: Photograph Wisconsin Summer Series-Madison
16-Jun 18-Jun Football: Youth
16-Jun 18-Jun Boys Basketball: Offensive Skills
16-Jun 21-Jun COBE Summer Business Institute
16-Jun 21-Jun String Orchestra
16-Jun 18-Jul Upward Bound Summer Enrichment
17-Jun 20-Jun Tennis: Collegiate Prep
17-Jun 20-Jun Rock County: Co-Ed Basketball, 3rd - 5th Grade
18-Jun 21-Jun Teen Institute
18-Jun 19-Jun Madison Scouts 
20-Jun 21-Jun Football: Perimeter Skill Development
20-Jun 21-Jun Football: Lineman Skill Development
20-Jun 23-Jun Womens Basketball: Fundamental One
20-Jun 23-Jun Chatter Matters
20-Jun 15-Aug Content-Based Bilingual Instruction, Intra-Ethnic Studies, and Critical Race Theories with Heritage/Bilingual Learners
21-Jun 22-Jun Grandchildren's University
21-Jun 23-Jun Teacher Residency Program
22-Jun 22-Jun Rock County: Yin and Aromas
22-Jun 22-Jun Football: Passing Jamboree
22-Jun 22-Jun Rock County: Yin and Aromas
23-Jun 26-Jun Womens Basketball: Fundamental Two
23-Jun 27-Jun I Want to be a Teacher Camp
23-Jun 28-Jun Jazz 
23-Jun 28-Jun Pre-College Success in Math and Science
24-Jun 26-Jun Addison Trail High School Football
24-Jun 27-Jun Rock County: Warhawk Co-Ed Soccer
24-Jun 28-Jun Pre-College STEER
24-Jun 28-Jun Rock County: Video Game Art Clinic
24-Jun 28-Jun Rock County: Rock Radio Clinic
24-Jun 28-Jun Rock County: Gamers Clinic
24-Jun 07-Aug Critical Approaches to Heritage Language Education
26-Jun 29-Jun Soccer: Boy's High School
26-Jun 30-Jun Basketball: Girl's Wheelchair
28-Jun 30-Jun Bowling: College Prep
28-Jun 02-Jul Rock Band
29-Jun 29-Jun Football: Passing Jamboree
29-Jun 29-Jun Rock County: Warriors, Warriors, Warriors
30-Jun 02-Jul Wrestling: Premiere
30-Jun 05-Jul Tennis: Junior Session One
02-Jul 30-Jul Rock County: Beginner's Vinyasa Flow 2
02-Jul 30-Jul Rock County: Beginner's Yin 2
05-Jul 05-Jul Madison Scouts Practice
06-Jul 06-Jul Madison Scouts Whitewater Classic II
07-Jul 09-Jul Volleyball: Girls All Skills One
07-Jul 10-Jul Soccer: Boys Youth
07-Jul 11-Jul Flute
07-Jul 11-Jul Gymanstics One
07-Jul 12-Jul Piano
07-Jul 12-Jul Tennis: Junior Session Two
07-Jul 13-Jul Forensics Institute
07-Jul 19-Jul Pre-College CAP I
07-Jul 19-Jul Pre-College CAP II
07-Jul 19-Jul Pre-College CAP III
07-Jul 19-Jul Pre-College ACT Prep
08-Jul 10-Jul Wrestling: Take Top 
08-Jul 10-Jul Wrestling: Brilliant at the Basics
08-Jul 12-Jul Rock County: Co-Ed Basketball 6th - 8th Grade
08-Jul 12-Jul Rock County: Wisconsin Waterways
08-Jul 12-Jul Rock County: Latinos Fun-idos
09-Jul 11-Jul Volleyball: Boys All Skills
09-Jul 11-Jul Badger Region Volleyball High Performance
10-Jul 10-Jul Madison Scouts Practice
10-Jul 11-Jul Volleyball: Girls Youth Clinic
11-Jul 12-Jul Football Team
12-Jul 14-Jul Volleyball: All Skills Two
12-Jul 14-Jul Gymnastics: High Performance
12-Jul 14-Jul Growing Writers: A Creative Writing Day
13-Jul 13-Jul Football: Passing Jamboree
13-Jul 19-Jul WFCA South All-Stars
14-Jul 16-Jul Volleyball: All Skills Three
14-Jul 17-Jul Soccer: Girls High School
14-Jul 17-Jul Soccer: Girls Youth
14-Jul 18-Jul Gymnastics Session Two
14-Jul 19-Jul Cross Country
14-Jul 19-Jul Tennis: Junior Session Three
14-Jul 19-Jul Band: Middle School
15-July 19-Jul Rock County: Rock, Pop and Beyond Music Session 1
16-Jul 18-Jul Volleyball: Position
17-Jul 18-Jul Kohl's Kicking NFL
18-Jul 19-Jul CyberHigh
18-Jul 20-Jul Kohl's Kicking Elite
20-Jul 20-Jul Football: Passing Jamboree
20-Jul 20-Jul German Interest Group (Janesville)
21-Jul 22-Jul Badger State Lacrosse Mini-Camp
21-Jul 23-Jul Boys Basketball: Shooting
21-Jul 24-Jul Fred J. Miller Flag and Rifle
21-Jul 25-Jul Gymnastics Session Three
21-Jul 26-Jul Tennis: Junior Session Four
21-Jul 27-Jul Theatre
21-Jul 26-Jul Band: High School
22-Jul 24-Jul Woodstock High School Football
22-Jul 25-Jul Badger State Lacrosse
22-Jul 25-Jul Rock County: Boys' Basketball High School Clinic
22-Jul 26-Jul Rock County: Rock, Pop and Beyond Session Two
23-Jul 24-Jul CyberGirlz 
24-Jul 28-Jul Fencing Camp
25-Jul 28-Jul Badgerette Pom-Poms
26-Jul 28-Jul Bowling: General
28-Jul 30-Jul McHenry High School Football
28-Jul 31-Jul Boys Basketball: Fundamental
28-Jul 01-Aug Gymnastics: Session Four
28-Jul 02-Aug Tennis: Junior Session Five
28-Jul 02-Aug Percussion
28-Jul 02-Aug Solo Voice
29-Jul 02-Aug Rock County: College for Kids
29-Jul 01-Aug Rock County: Girls Basketball
31-Jul 04-Aug Glenbard West High School Band
31-Jul 04-Aug Lemont High School Band
01-Aug 01-Aug Endless Possibilities Pre-Conference
02-Aug 02-Aug Endless Possibilities Conference
02-Aug 02-Aug Bowling Day Clinic
02-Aug 04-Aug Basketball: Womens Offensive Skills
03-Aug 04-Aug Bike MS Tour
04-Aug 04-Aug Soccer: Women's College Prep
04-Aug 05-Aug CowaLUNGa Bike Tour
09-Aug 10-Aug Nature Camp 2019
18-Aug 18-Aug Soccer: Men's College Prep
19-Aug 23-Aug Brewers Baseball Academy
04-Oct 04-Oct LIFE Open House
11-Oct 11-Oct KEMPA Scholastic Journalism
19-Oct 19-Oct WSMA State Marching Band
20-Nov 20-Nov Creative Writing Festival
22-Nov 24-Nov National Black Student Union Conference
05-Dec 06-Dec Board of Regents


10-Jan 10-Jan Academic Decathlon
11-Jan 11-Jan Bass Fest
26-Jan 26-Jan Trombone Day
01-Feb 01-Feb Honors Orchestra
01-Feb 01-Feb Cumberland/UW-Whitewater Baseball Coaches CLinic
05-Feb 05-Feb Talented and Gifted Leadership Conference
09-Feb 09-Feb Track and Field Clinic
15-Mar 15-Mar Soccer: Womens College Prep Clinic One
21-Mar 21-Mar Young Artist Honors Orchestra
21-Mar 21-Mar WMTA Piano Audition
03-Apr 04-Apr Early Childhood Conference
23-Apr 24-Apr University of Wisconsin System Research Symposium
05-Jun 07-Jun Early Music Festival
11-Jul 18-Jul Milwaukee Police Department Training