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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Start Date End Date Event
05-Dec 06-Dec Board of Regents
07-Dec 07-Dec Winter Wonderland Craft Series
15-Dec 15-Dec Warhawk Soccer Futsal Tournament (Boys)
27-Dec 28-Dec Mid-States High School Wrestling Tournament
27-Dec 31-Dec Winter Baseball
05-Jan 15-May String Academy Youth
05-Jan 18-May Trumpet Academy
05-Jan 15-May String Academy Adult
10-Jan 10-Jan Academic Decathlon
11-Jan 11-Jan Bass Fest
14-Jan 14-Jan Middle School Math Meet
17-Jan 17-Jan UW-Extention - Food & Produce Safety Modernization Training
18-Jan 18-Jan Wisconsin Soccer Referee Association Clinic
18-Jan 18-Jan Gardening Workshop One: Gardening as We Age, Sensory and Container
18-Jan 05-Feb ACT Strategies
23-Jan 07-May Youth Orchestra
25-Jan 25-Jan WiASTA String Expo
25-Jan 25-Jan Woodwind Mania
26-Jan 26-Jan Trombone Day
27-Jan 21-Mar GymHawks Spring One Sessions and Team
31-Jan 01-Feb Honors Orchestra
01-Feb 01-Feb Gardening Workshop Two: Anuuals, Perennials, Trees and Shrubs
01-Feb 01-Feb Cumberland/UW-Whitewater Baseball Coaches Clinic
04-Feb 10-Mar Sign Language Basics for Teens and Tweens
05-Feb 08-Apr Voice Academy
05-Feb 15-May Piano Academy
05-Feb 05-Feb Talented and Gifted Leadership Conference
07-Feb 07-Feb Improving Integrated Services for Children
08-Feb 08-Feb Voice Day Clinic
09-Feb 09-Feb Track and Field Clinic
15-Feb 15-Feb Gardening Workshop Three: Landscape, Texture and Maintenance
20-Feb 05-May String Academy: Guitar
22-Feb 22-Feb Piano Day
22-Feb 22-Feb Softball
29-Feb 29-Feb WI Young Artist Honors Orchestra - WI Rapids
29-Feb 29-Feb Softball
01-Mar 15-Mar Spring Baseball
14-Mar 14-Mar Tech Savvy 2020
15-Mar 15-Mar Soccer: Womens College Prep Clinic One
21-Mar 21-Mar Zen Rocks (Mandala Rock Painting)
21-Mar 21-Mar #hogfbchat Football Coach Clinic
21-Mar 21-Mar WMTA Piano Audition
31-Mar 31-Mar Kindergarten - 8th Grade Math Summit
31-Mar 05-May Adult Basic Sign Language for Beginners
05-Apr 05-Apr Soccer: Men's College Prep Session One
06-Apr 16-May GymHawks Spring Two Session and Team
18-Apr 18-Apr WI Young Honors Orchestra - Whitewater
23-Apr 24-Apr University of Wisconsin System Research Symposium
25-Apr 25-Apr WSMA Solo/Ensemble
15-May 15-May Alice in Daryland Panel Discussion
30-May 10-Jun ACT Strategies
03-jun 05-Jun Pre-College and Upward Bound Staff Training
05-Jun 15-Aug String Academy Youth
05-Jun 15-Aug String Academy Adult
05-Jun 07-Jun Early Music Festival
12-Jun 14-Jun Association for Research and Enlightenment
14-Jun 16-Jun Basketball: Boys Offensive Skills Camp
14-Jun 17-Jul UW-Whitewater Upward Bound
14-Jun 19-Jun Choir Camp
15-Jun 18-Jun Tennis: College Prep Camp
18-Jun 21-Jun Basketball: Girls Fundamental 1 Camp
19-Jun 21-Jun Tennis: Adult Camp
20-Jun 20-Jun Football: Passing Jamboree Session One
21-Jun 23-Jun Football: Youth Camp
21-Jun 23-Jun Basketball: Girls Fundamental 2 Camp
21-Jun 26-Jun String Orchestra Camp
22-Jun 26-Jun Be a Youtuber Clinic
22-Jun 26-Jun Youtube Prop and Gamer Art Clinic
22-Jun 26-Jun Gamers Camp Clinic
24-Jun 28-Jun Basketball: Wheelchair Co-Ed Camp
25-Jun 26-Jun Football: Perimeter Camp
25-Jun 26-Jun Foootball: Lineman Camp
26-Jun 27-Jun Bowling College Prep
26-Jun 27-Jun Grandchildren's University Camp
27-Jun 27-Jun Football: Passing Jamboree Session Two
28-Jun 01-Jul Basketball: Girls Wheelchair Camp
28-Jun 02-Jul Game Development Camp
28-Jun 02-Jul Jazz Camp
05-Jul 08-Jul Soccer: Boy's High School Camp
05-Jul 10-Jul Tennis: Junior Session One Camp
05-Jul 11-Jul Forensics Institute Camp
05-Jul 17-Jul Pre-College CAP
05-Jul 17-Jul Pre-College ACT Prep
11-Jul 11-Jul Football: Passing Jamboree Session Three
11-Jul 18-Jul Milwaukee Police Department Training
12-Jul 16-Jul Flute Camp
12-Jul 17-Jul Tennis: Junior Session Two Camp
12-Jul 17-Jul Piano Camp
13-Jul 17-Jul Camp Bug Brigade Clinic
16-Jul 17-Jul Prospect High School Football
18-Jul 18-Jul Football: Passing Jamboree Session Four
19-Jul 20-Jul Badger State Lacrosse Mini-Camp
19-Jul 21-Jul Basketball: Boys Shooting Camp
19-Jul 22-Jul Fred J. Miller Flag and Rifle
19-Jul 24-Jul Cross Country Camp
19-Jul 24-Jul Tennis: Junior Session Three Camp
20-Jul 22-Jul Woodstock High School
20-Jul 23-Jul Badger State Lacrosse
23-Jul 24-Jul Prospect High School Football
23-Jul 26-Jul Badgerette Dance and Pom Pom
26-Jul 29-Jul Summer Leadership Academy
26-Jul 29-Jul Basketball: Boys Fundamental Camp
26-Jul 31-Jul Tennis: Junior Session Four Camp
26-Jul 01-Aug Theatre Camp
27-Jul 31-Jul College for Kids Clinic Session One
30-Jul 01-Aug Bowling General Camp
31-Jul 02-Aug Basketball: Girls Elite Camp
01-Aug 02-Aug MS Bike Tour
02-Aug 03-Aug CowaLUNGa Charity Bike Tour
02-Aug 07-Aug Solo Voice Camp
02-Aug 07-Aug Percussion Camp
02-Aug 07-Aug Tennis: Junior Session Five Camp
07-Aug 07-Aug Bowling Day Clinic
10-Aug 14-Aug College for Kids Clinic Session Two
15-Aug 15-Aug Soccer: Men's College Prep Session Two
09-Oct 09-Oct KEMPA Scholastic Journalism
17-Cct 17-Oct WSMA State Marching Band
24-Oct 24-Oct Athletics Hall of Fame Banquet
02-Dec 02-Dec Creative Writing Festival
22-Apr 23-Apr University of Wisconsin System Research Symposium