Credit Outreach
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Credit Outreach

Payment Information

Payment Procedures

Tuition checks should be made payable to UW-Whitewater. Canceled checks are considered receipts. Include your full name, ID number, and purpose of payment. If an envelope is not provided in your registration packet, mail your check and information to:

Student Accounts
P.O. Box 88
Whitewater, WI 53190-0088

Billing notifications are sent via UW-Whitewater email only. Use your Net ID and password to access your campus email. Go to the UW-Whitewater home page and choose Email in the upper right corner. You can also view your charges at any time in WINS.

If you wish to avoid finance charges, please submit full payment with your outreach admission/registration form (make checks payable to UW-Whitewater).Students enrolling in classes at UW-Whitewater must complete the "Terms and Conditions for Enrollment/Credit Agreement" each term. This document contains information about students' responsibilities for classes for which they register, payment plan information (fall and spring terms only), and charges on student accounts. The "Terms and Conditions" can be accepted in WINS (Student Center > Finance/Account Inquiry).

Tuition payments by credit card must be made online using the WINS system. A convenience fee will be assessed for each credit card payment transaction. You must be admitted and registered before making an online tuition payment. Online payments taken directly from your bank account can also be made on WINS. Login to WINS, go to Student Center > View/Pay Bill. You will be asked to login again with your Net ID and password, then follow the prompts.

If you have questions about your bill, contact Student Accounts at (262) 472-1373 or (800) 621-7244. Please note that credit card information cannot be taken over the telephone.

Admission Status and Tuition Changes

Graduate students enrolled in only undergraduate courses will be charged undergraduate fees.
Students should be aware that while they will receive credit and a grade for undergraduate courses taken while a graduate student, they will not receive graduate credit. Course level for a given term must be determined by the tenth day of classes. Eligibility for financial aid may also be affected by enrollment in an undergraduate course.
Grades earned in such classes will be part of students' official records, but will not be computed into term or cumulative grade point averages. Transcripts will read "Undergraduate credit earned - No Graduate credit awarded."
Final grades and unofficial transcripts will be available to students on the WINS System a few days after the official close of a term. Login to WINS, go to Home, Academics, Academic Record, View Unofficial Transcript.

Grade Reports and Transcripts

Grade report and transcript request procedures and forms are available on the web: