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Lecture Title Presenter Name Presenter Department Lecture Series Date Video
A Recap of the 2020 Presidential Nomination Process Susan Johnson Political Science Fall 2020 9/21/20 Watch
COVID on the Campaign Trail: The Role of COVID-19 in 2020 U.S. Presidential Campaign Communication Corey Davis Communication Fall 2020 9/28/20 Watch
Presidential Elections in Times of Crises Dick Haven emeritus, Communication Fall 2020 10/19/20 Watch
Who Owns the Central Bank? Monetary Policy, Government and Elections Eylem Ersal Economics Fall 2020 Pre-recorded Watch
Natural Disasters, Man-made Calamities & the Economy: Making or Breaking the Incumbent President in an Election Krastina Dzhambova Economics Fall 2020 Pre-recorded Watch
One Week Left: The Final Days of the 2020 Campaign and What to Look for on Election Night Eric Loepp Political Science Fall 2020 10/26/20 Watch
Election Results: Winners, Losers, and What Happens Next Political Science Faculty Panel Political Science Fall 2020 11/9/20 Watch
Presidential Transitions Understanding the Period between Campaigning and Governing Louis Fucilla Political Science Fall 2020 11/16/20 Watch
Fiscal and Monetary Policy Responses to Covid-19 and its Implication on Presidential Elections Narendra Regmi Economics Fall 2020 11/22/20 Watch
Is Social Media a Positive or Negative Influence on Society? David Beyea Assistant Professor, Communication Spring 2020 3/9/20 Watch
Superheroines in 21st Century Movies Donald Jellerson Associate Professor, Languages and Literatures Spring 2020 3/2/20 Watch
A Stormy Start to the 21st Century John Frye Associate Professor, Geography, Geology and Environmental Science Spring 2020 2/17/20 Watch
Independence Movements in the 21st Century: Scots, Kurds, Catalans and Beyond Larry Anderson Professor, Political Science Spring 2020 2/10/20 Watch
The Origins of Shi'a Islam Molly Patterson Associate Professor, History Fall 2019 11/18/19 Watch
Human Evolution and Religion: Exploring Christian and Buddhist Perspectives Richard Hanson Senior Lecturer, Philosophy Fall 2019 11/11/19 Watch
Tantra: Medieval Indian Technologies of Sex, Power, Magic and Enlightenment Nathan Mcgovern Associate Professor, Philosphy and Religious Studies Fall 2019 10/28/19 Watch
Unveiling Facts About Islam: Common Misconceptions, Western Media Representations and Stereotypes Amal Ibrahim Associate professor, Communication Fall 2019 10/21/19 Watch
Piety and Precarity: American Prayer Between the Wars David Reinhart lecturer, Philosophy and Religious Studies Fall 2019 10/14/19 Watch
Living the Kingdom of God: The Origin and Experience of Mormonism in America Michael Gueno Associate Professor, Philosophy and Religious Studies Fall 2019 10/7/19 Watch
Divine Ecstasy: Knowledge, Love and Unity in Sufism Hala Ghoneim Associate Professor, Languages and Literatures Fall 2019 9/30/19 Watch
The West is the Best / The Beast in the East: World War II Ends and the Cold War Begins Karl Brown Assistant Professor, History Spring 2019 4/29/19 Watch
Children, Save Yourselves! One Family’s Story of Holocaust Survival Ronald Berger Professor Emeritus, Sociology, Criminology and Anthropology Spring 2019 4/15/19 Watch
The German-American Community and World War II: A Cautionary Tale Tim Holian Senior Lecturer, Languages and Literatures Spring 2019 4/8/19 Watch
WWII and the Creation of the Modern Middle East Molly Patterson Associate Professor, History Spring 2019 4/1/19 Watch
Understanding the Soviet Experience in World War II Elizabeth Hachten Assistant Dean, College of Letters and Sciences Spring 2019 3/25/19 Watch
American Hegemony: The World the Greatest Generation Built F. Peter Wagner Associate Professor, Political Science Spring 2019 3/11/19 Watch
American Politics in the Shadow of World War II: Re-examining the Presidential Elections of 1940 and 1944 Louis Fucilla Assistant Professor, Political Science Spring 2019 3/4/19 Watch
The Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb, Part 2 Dave Carlson Senior Lecturer, Philosophy Spring 2019 2/25/19 Watch
The Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb, Part 1 David McKay Senior Lecturer, History Spring 2019 2/18/19 Watch
The Arsenal of Democracy: The WWII Speeches of Franklin Roosevelt Richard Haven Emeritus Professor, Communication Spring 2019 2/11/19 Watch
Hidden Pasts and Desires: Gay and Lesbian Lives During WWII Ashley Barnes-Gilbert Lecturer, Women’s and Gender Studies Spring 2019 2/4/19 Watch
Location Storytelling With Technology Choton Basu Professor, Information Technology and Supply Chain Management Fall 2018 9/10/18 Watch
Two Years That Changed the Milky Way Galaxy: 1951 and 2018 Robert Benjamin Professor, Physics Fall 2018 9/17/18 Watch
How Times Have Changed: Today’s UW-Whitewater/Germany Connection Carol Scovotti Professor, Marketing Fall 2018 9/24/18 Watch
Generations United: Connecting and Involving Generations— Is That a Good Idea? Simone DeVore Professor, Special Education Fall 2018 10/1/18 Watch
Forgotten Wisconsin Authors and the Need to Revive Them John Pruitt Associate Professor, English Fall 2018 10/8/18 Watch
Love and Literature: What Young Adult Books Teach About Gender and Romance Tricia Clasen Professor, Communications–Theatre Arts Fall 2018 10/15/18 Watch
Learning Communities: More Than Textbooks Ozalle Toms Associate Professor, Special Education Fall 2018 10/29/18 Watch
Education for Sustainability in the Public Schools of the Galápagos Islands Susan Huss-Lederman Professor, Languages and Literatures Fall 2018 11/5/18 Watch
(Re)Envisioning the Diversity and Inclusion Imperative: Strategies for Achieving Organizational Change LaVar Charleston Assistant Vice Chancellor, Student Diversity, Engagement and Success Fall 2018 11/19/18 Watch
Ho-Chunk Nation: Building Relationships and Strong Communities Throughout Wisconsin COLLIN PRICE Public Relations Officer, Ho-Chunk Nation, Office of the President Spring 2018 2/5/18 Watch
Manifest Ignorance: Manifest Destiny and Popular Culture in the U.S. ROSSITZA IVANOVA Assistant Professor, Languages and Literatures Spring 2018 2/12/18 Watch
Natural and Cultural Resource Struggles and Successes in Indian Country HOLLY DENNING Lecturer, Sociology, Criminology and Anthropology Spring 2018 2/19/18 Watch
A Photographer’s Life: Edward S. Curtis and the North American Indian MICHAEL FLANAGAN Director, Crossman Gallery Spring 2018 2/26/18 Watch
Native American Spirituality and Practice MICHAEL GUENO Assistant Professor, Philosophy and Religious Studies Spring 2018 3/5/18 Watch
Aztalan: Mysteries of an Ancient Native American Town in Southern Wisconsin ROBERT BIRMINGHAM Archaeologist and Author, Wisconsin Historical Society Press Spring 2018 3/12/18 Watch
Tribal Social Entrepreneurship: Self Determination or Assimilation? AMY KLEMM VERBOS Assistant Professor, Finance and Business Law Tribal Citizen, Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Spring 2018 3/19/18 Watch
Interpreting American Indian Treaties in the 21st Century ANTHONY GULIG Associate Professor and Chair, History Spring 2018 4/2/18 Not Available
Seeking Justice for a Legacy of Violence Against Women in Indian Country AMY CASSELMAN HONTALAS Author and Lecturer, San Francisco State University Spring 2018 4/9/18 Watch
Chippewa Spearfishing Conflict and Treaty Rights LARRY NESPER Professor, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, UW-Madison Spring 2018 4/16/18 Not Available
Back to the Future: The Great War, Nationalism, Imperialism, and the Failure of Internationalism F. PETER WAGNER Associate Professor, Political Science Fall 2017 9/18/17 Watch
Woodrow Wilson’s Reluctant March to War in Europe LOUIS FUCILLA Assistant Professor, Political Science Fall 2017 9/25/17 Watch
From Shell Shock to Spanish Flu: Impacts of the Great War on Health and Medicine ELIZABETH HACHTENlizabeth Hachten Assistant Dean, College of Letters and Sciences Fall 2017 10/2/17 Watch
To Do and Die: World War I Poetry and the End of Victorian Progress JOHN MCGUIGAN Professor, Languages and Literatures Fall 2017 10/9/17 Watch
“No One Wants to Go to War”: African Participation in World War I ADAM PADDOCK Assistant Professor, History Fall 2017 10/16/17 Watch
Have We Learned the Lessons of the War to End All Wars? JONAH RALSTON Assistant Professor, Political Science Fall 2017 10/23/17 Watch
The 32nd Division’s Great War RICHARD PIFER Freelance Historian and Author, Wisconsin Historical Society Press Fall 2017 10/30/17 Watch
How Long Must Women Wait for Liberty: Suffragettes, Loyalty, and Wartime Activism ASHLEY BARNES-GILBERT Lecturer, Women’s and Gender Studies Fall 2017 11/6/17 Watch
The Great War and the Making of Arab Nationalism HALA GHONEIM Associate Professor, Languages and Literatures Fall 2017 11/13/17 Watch
Much Ado About Nothing: Milwaukee’s German-American Community During World War I KEVIN ABING Archivist, Milwaukee County Historical Society Fall 2017 11/20/17 Watch
Marxism, Masaryk, and King Alexander’s Monkey: Rebuilding Eastern and Central Europe, 1917-1923 KARL BROWN Assistant Professor, History Fall 2017 11/27/17 Watch
The Past, Present and Future of the Wisconsin Idea NOEL RADOMSKI Director and Associate Researcher, Wisconsin Center for the Advancement of Postsecondary Education, UW-Madison Spring 2017 1/30/17 Watch
Embracing Open Arms Free Clinics: Client Conversations KATE KSOBIECH & NICK SURITA Communication Spring 2017 2/6/17 Watch
Testing the Waters: Real-Time Mapping of the Water Quality on the Rock River ERIC COMPAS Geography, Geology, and Environmental Science Spring 2017 2/27/17 Watch
Beyond Boundaries: 3-D Printable Tactile Objects to Aid in Science Understanding STEVEN SAHYUN Physics Spring 2017 3/6/17 Watch
Where Is the Fort in Fort Atkinson? Engaging the Community Through Archaeology PETE KILLORAN & PAUL RECKNER Sociology, Criminology, and Anthropology & Archaeologist, Wisconsin Historical Society Spring 2017 3/13/17 Watch
Wisconsin Economy 2017: Thoughts and Ideas RUSS KASHIAN Economics, and Director, Fiscal and Economic Research Center Spring 2017 3/27/17 Watch
Socially Responsible Business & Making a Difference in Women Artisans’ Lives PAUL AMBROSE Associate Dean, College of Business and Economics Spring 2017 4/3/17 Watch
The Third Space of Teacher Education for Future Elementary Teachers MATT VICK Curriculum and Instruction Spring 2017 4/5/17 Watch
Food, Farming and Cultural Diversity: Capturing Stories Through the Wisconsin Farms Oral History Project JAMES LEVY History Spring 2017 4/10/17 Watch
Sensors in Our Lives and Why They Matter OZGUR YAVUZCETIN Physics Spring 2017 4/17/17
Did That All Just Really Happen? A Recap of The 2016 Presidential Nomination Process Susan Johnson Political Science Fall 2016 9/12/16 Watch
R.I.P. G.O.P.? Conservative Ideology in 2016 Ted Gimbel Political Science Fall 2016 9/19/16 Watch
Do Presidential Debates Matter? How Candidates Try to Win You Over During the Biggest Campaign Event of the Year Eric Loepp Political Science Fall 2016 10/03/16 Watch
Race, Policing and Criminal Justice Reform and the 2016 Elections Greg Jeffers Sociology, Criminology and Anthropology Fall 2016 10/10/16 Watch
The Podium And The Press: Debate Content Versus Media Coverage Corey B. Davis Communication Fall 2016 10/17/16 Watch
A "Political Revolution" in Foreign Policy? The Presidential Candidates and the United States in the World Today Peter Wagner Political Science Fall 2016 10/24/16 Watch
The Context of the 2016 Election: Inequality, Polarization, and Distrust Jonah Ralston Political Science Fall 2016 11/7/16 Watch
2016 Election Results: Winners, Losers and What Happens Next Jolly Emrey, Susan Johnson, Eric Loepp Political Science Fall 2016 11/14/16 Watch
The Inaugural Address: An American Tradition Richard Haven Communication Fall 2016 11/21/16 Watch
Dance Through the Ages Tina Hansen Director and Owner, The Dance Factory Spring 2016 2/8/16 Watch
The Amazing Journey: Fostering Creativity and Social Consciousness from Rock to Rachmaninoff Ken Kohberger Director, Young Auditorium Spring 2016 2/15/16 Watch
The Recording Studio: A Perpetual Performance Brian Lucas Communication> Spring 2016 2/22/16 Watch
Teaching Children to Act Out Jim McCullough Performing Arts Spring 2016 2/29/16 Watch
Disneyfying Disney History in Saving Mr. Banks Linda Robinson Communication Spring 2016 3/7/16 Watch
Creative Industry Incubators: Unexpected Connections Between ARt and Business Megan Matthews Arts Management Spring 2016 3/14/16 Watch
The Timelessness of Spring Training and the Minor Leagues Ryan Callahan Continuing Education Services Fall 2015 9/14/15 Watch
Why are Catholic Priests Still Celebate? The Medieval Priesthood as a Modern Institution Jennifer Thibideaux History Fall 2015 9/21/15 Watch
Stories Matter: The Art and Enduring Value of Stories Ann Garvin Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Coaching Fall 2015 9/28/15 Watch

What's "Classic" About Classical Music?

Jane Ferencz Music Fall 2015 10/5/15  
Holding Tight and Letting Go Among the Amish and Mennonites Evie Yoder Miller Languages and Literatures Fall 2015 10/12/15 Watch
Public Speaking: An American Political Tradition Dick Haven Communication Fall 2015 10/19/15 Watch
Household Names: Case Studies of Strong Enduring Brands Rob Boostrom Marketing Fall 2015 10/26/15 Watch
The Wisdom of Ancient Trees R. Bruce Allison Wisconsin Hisorical Society and Press Fall 2015 11/2/15 Watch
Quinceañeras: Rites of Passage, Nostalgia and Wisconsin Latino Families Pilar Melero Languages and Literatures Fall 2015 11/9/15 Watch
Letters from Emigrants Susan Huss-Lederman Languages and Literatures Big Read 11/12/15 Watch
Wisconsin From the Air: A New View on Our State Laurie Gorman Wisconsin Public Televison Fall 2015 11/16/15 Watch
Ceramics From the Ancient Past and Into the Future Teri Frame Art and Design Fall 2015 11/23/15 Watch
The Timeless Value of the Works of Wila Cather Guy Reynolds The Cather Project, Univeristy of Nebraska - Lincoln Fall 2015 11/30/15 Watch
Stockbridge Indian Electa Quinney: Wisconsin's First Public School Teacher Karyn Saemann Wisconsin Historical Society Press Spring 2015 2/2/15 Watch
Establishing the Link Between Pollution and Heath: Women Scientists Who Led the Way Elisabeth Harrahy Biological Sciences Spring 2015 2/9/15 Watch
May it Please the Court to Remember the Ladies: Women on the Supreme Court Jolly Emrey Political Science Spring 2015 2/16/15
Harriet Beecher Stowe and Uncle Tom’s Cabin: A “Moral Battle Cry of Freedom” Beth Lueck Languages and Literatures Spring 2015 2/23/15 Watch
The Wisdom of Maya Angelou Beverly Kopper Provost and Vice Chancellor Spring 2015 3/2/15 Watch
The Women and Girls of Eagleswood School: Abolitionism, Utopianism, and Educational Experimentation Anne Durst Educational Foundations Spring 2015 3/9/15 Watch
Representing Shakespeare’s Kate (from Taming of the Shrew) on Stage and Screen Donald Jellerson Languages and Literatures Spring 2015 3/16/15 Watch
Remarkable Women of Geneva Lake Jill Westberg Black Point Estate Spring 2015 3/23/15 Watch
Women Who Rock: Progress and Setbacks for Female Musicians Akiko Yoshida Sociology, Criminology, and Anthropology Spring 2015 3/30/15 Watch
Mulas and Queenpins: Women in the Illicit Drug Trade in the Americas Ellie Schemenauer Women's and Gender Studies Spring 2015 4/6/15 Watch
The Evolution of Women in Higher Education and Intercollegiate Athletics Kristina Navarro Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Coaching Spring 2015 4/13/15 Watch
The Craft of Broadway Dance Arrangers Trude Rittman and Genevieve Pitot Jane Ferencz Music Spring 2015 4/20/15 Watch
Women and Water: 21st Century Challenges and Opportunities Holly Denning Sociology, Criminology, and Anthropology Spring 2015 4/27/15 Watch
Challenges to the Democracies of Great Britain, India and Nigeria Jane Gottlick Political Science Fall 2014 9/8/2014 Watch
Democracy in Mali and Iran: Personal Accounts from International Students Nana Maiga, Shirin Bouzari Fall 2014 9/15/2014 Watch
The "Perpetual Crises of Democracy" in Latin America Anne Hamilton Political Science Fall 2014 9/22/2014 Watch
Trapped Between Colonial Legacies and Dysfunctional Leaders: Democratic Successes and Challenges in Nigeria Adam Paddock History Fall 2014 9/29/2014 Watch
The Arab Spring: Democracy and Social Protest in the Middle East Molly Patterson History Fall 2014 10/6/2014 Watch
Democracy in Retreat? The Challenge of Democracy After the "Third Wave" F. Peter Wagner Political Science Fall 2014 10/13/2014 Watch
The Transition to Democracy in Mexico: A Checkup Bert Kreitlow History Fall 2014 10/27/2014 Watch
Is Democracy Possible in the Middle East? Exploring the Egyptian Spring Hala Ghoneim Languages and Literatures Fall 2014 11/3/2014 Watch
Internet in China: Enhancing Democracy or Net vigilantism? Katrina Liu Curriculum and Instruction Fall 2014 11/10/2014 Watch
Iran and Democracy Zohreh Ghavamshahidi Political Science Fall 2014 11/17/2014 Watch
The Road to Appomattox and Durham Station Richard Haney History Spring 2014 2/3/2014 Watch
Revisiting "Uncle Tom's Cabin" in the Twentieth Century Dana Prodoehl Languages and Literatures Spring 2014 2/24/2014 Watch
Lincoln's Long Shadow: Portrayals of Abraham Lincoln in American Popular Culture Anna Hajdik Languages and Literatures Spring 2014 3/3/2014 Watch
Reinventing America: Lincoln's Gettysburg Address Richard Haven Communication Spring 2014 3/10/2014 Watch
With Malice Toward None: Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address Richard Haven Communication Spring 2014 3/17/2014 Watch
Lincoln's Pragmatism: Plotting a Course Between Abolition and States' Rights Edward Gimbel Political Science Spring 2014 3/24/2014 Watch
American Poets on Suffering and Death in the Civil War Beth Lueck Languages and Literatures Spring 2014 3/31/2014 Watch
Lincoln's Legacy and the Promise of Reconstruction Amber Moulton History Spring 2014 4/7/2014 Watch
Lincoln's Darkest Hour Anthony Gulig History Spring 2014 4/14/2014 Watch
A Mission to Honor: UW-Whitewater Students Premiere Documentary on the Fairhaven Veteran's History Project Jared Donlon, Katelyn Klepper, Ashlee Lamers, Carolyn Larsen and Travis Ogallagher Spring 2014 4/21/2014 Watch
Early American vs. Modern-Day Slavery: Debating Similarities, Differences and the Power of Moral Discourse Margo Kleinfeld Geograph and Geology Spring 2014 4/28/2014 Watch
Federalism and the Secession Crisis of 1860-1861 Larry Anderson Political Science Spring 2014 5/5/2014 Watch
Critical Events and (some) Critical People at UW-Whitewater, 1983-2013 Richard Telfer Fall 2013 9/9/2013 Watch
Nanotechnology's HUGE Impact on Our Lives Over the Las 30 Years Eric Brown Biological Sciences Fall 2013 9/16/2013 Watch
Three Decades of Theater Trends: From Absurdism and Experimental Theater to Multicultural Drama and Performance Art Michael Bennett Languages and Literatures Fall 2013 9/23/2013 Watch
Reagan's Democrats, Clinton's Impeachment and the 2000 Election: How Did Dysfunctional Become the Way Our Government Functions? Susan Johnson College of Letters and Sciences Fall 2013 9/30/2013 Watch
Resilience and Justice in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina Holly Denning Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice Fall 2013 10/7/2013 Watch
HIV/AIDS: From Gay Stigma to Preventable Nightmare Kate Ksobiech Communication Fall 2013 10/14/2013 Watch
Wal-Mart: From Arkansas to the World in Thirty Years Marilyn Lavin Marketing Fall 2013 10/21/2013 Watch
American Political Discourse Since 1983: The Impact of Cable TV, Email, Twitter, Facebook and Other Technology Innovations Richard Haven Communication Fall 2013 10/28/2013 Watch
UW-Whitewater Athletics: Past, Present and Future Amy Edmonds Athletics Fall 2013 11/4/2013 Watch
The Commercializationo of the Internet: Millions of Islands Become a Continent Carol Scovotti Marketing Fall 2013 11/11/2013 Watch
The Last Frontier of Civil Rights: The Americans with Disabilities Act Elizabeth Watson Center for Students with Disabilities Fall 2013 11/18/2013 Watch
The Fall of Communism and the Creation of a New World Order F. Peter Wagner Political Science Fall 2013 11/25/2013 Watch
Food in Literature: Memory and Social Connection Mary Pinkerton College of Letters and Sciences Spring 2013 1/28/2013 Watch
Organic Farming at Standard Process Christine Mason Standard Process Spring 2013 2/4/2013 Watch
The Health Benefits of Vacuum Tumbling Foods John Ejnik Chemistry Spring 2013 2/11/2013 Watch
Atlantic Counterpoint: Foods that Changed the World Tony Gulig, Seth Meisel History, Graduate Studies and Continuing Education Spring 2013 2/18/2013 Watch
The Role of Corn in Indigenous Mexican Cultures Bert Kreitlow History Spring 2013 2/25/2013 Watch
Blue-Plate Special: Foodborne Illness Donna Vosburgh Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health Spring 2013 3/4/2013 Watch
The Flavor of Wisconsin: An Informal History of Food and Eating in the Badger State Liz Hachten College of Letters and Sciences Spring 2013 3/11/2013 Watch
American Culture, "Big Food", and Our Health Michael Oldani Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice Spring 2013 3/18/2013 Watch
Beer Matters Karl Brown History Spring 2013 4/1/2013 Watch
Ramadan: The Islamic Month of Fasting Jalal Nawash Physics Spring 2013 4/8/2013 Watch
Healthy Eating Simplified Ann Wertz Garvin Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Coaching Spring 2013 4/15/2013 Watch
The Essence of Food: The Evolution and Nourshing Source of Life Sharon Roy Marketing Spring 2013 4/22/2013 Watch
It All Starts With Dirt! Cam Barker, Taylor Johnson, Ghazal Mirzaei, Jerome West Spring 2013 4/29/2013 Watch
The road to the White House: The path from Iowa to Florida and everything in between Susan Johnson Political Science Fall 2012 9/10/2012 Watch
Back to the future Richard Haven Communication Fall 2012 9/17/2012 Watch
Appeals to the middle: Social class rhetoric in congressional campaigns Christopher Chapp Political Science Fall 2012 9/24/2012 Watch
Politicians for the planet? Searching for sustainability in the 2012 elections Eric Compas Geograph and Geology Fall 2012 10/1/2012 Watch
Perspectives from Germany on the U.S. election Carol Scovotti Marketing Fall 2012 10/15/2012 Watch
Economists reflect on this elections season Jeffrey Heinrich, Stuart Glosser, Russell Kashian Economics Fall 2012 10/22/2012 Watch
2012 convention speeches compared: Acclaims and attacks in an evolving genre Corey Davis Communication Fall 2012 10/29/2012 Watch
A daisy, a bear and nothing but laughter: Television advertising in presidential compaigns Kim Hixson Communication Fall 2012 11/5/2012 Watch
Polls, pols and polarization: Wisconsin and the nation, 2012 Wayne Younquist Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice Fall 2012 11/19/2012 Watch