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Fall 2014

Democracy Today

An International Perspective

In 2007, the United Nations declared September 15 the International Day of Democracy. What is the state of democracy in the world today? Who are the advocates of democracy and how do they make their voices known in ballot boxes, in street demonstrations and via social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook? Can democracy find root in societies dominated by dictatorship, political exclusion, corruption and fanaticism? Join us this fall as we explore democracy’s challenges and its future, from the promise of the Arab Spring to the everyday witnesses of revolution, and in this way, examine our increasingly democratic world and learn what it really means to participate.



Challenges to the Democracies of Great Britain, India and Nigeria

JANE GOTTLICK Lecturer, Political Science

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Democracy in Mali and Iran: Personal Accounts from International Students

NANA MAIGA AND SHIRIN BOUZARI International Undergraduate Students

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The “Perpetual Crises of Democracy” in Latin America

ANNE HAMILTON Lecturer, Political Science

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Trapped Between Colonial Legacies and Dysfunctional Leaders: Democratic Successes and Challenges in Nigeria

ADAM PADDOCK Assistant Professor, History

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The Arab Spring: Democracy and Social Protest in the Middle East

MOLLY PATTERSON Assistant Professor, History

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Democracy in Retreat? The Challenge of Democracy After the “Third Wave”

F. PETER WAGNER Associate Professor, Political Science

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The Transition to Democracy in Mexico: A Checkup

BERT KREITLOW Lecturer, History

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Is Democracy Possible in the Middle East? Exploring the Egyptian Spring

HALA GHONEIM Assistant Professor, Languages and Literatures

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Internet in China: Enhancing Democracy or Net Vigilantism?

KATRINA LIU Assistant Professor, Curriculum and Instruction

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Iran and Democracy

ZOHREH GHAVAMSHAHIDI Professor, Political Science

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