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Fall 2015

Standing the Test of Time

We live in a time of constant change. Our world is full of new technologies, innovations and fads that impact the way we communicate, engage in entertainment, appreciate art and care for ourselves and others.

But what in our world resists change? Why have these things endured while others pass by? Join us this fall as we talk about the traditions, institutions, natural wonders and artifacts that have stood the test of time.



The Timelessness of Spring Training and the Minor Leagues

RYAN CALLAHAN Director, Continuing Education Services


Why Are Catholic Priests Still Celibate? The Medieval Priesthood as a Modern Institution

JENNIFER THIBODEAUX Associate Professor, History


Stories Matter: The Art and Enduring Value of Stories

ANN GARVIN Professor, Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Coaching



What's "Classic" About Classical Music?

JANE FERENCZ Associate Professor, Music



Holding Tight and Letting Go Among the Amish and Mennonites

EVIE YODER MILLER Lecturer Emerita, Languages and Literatures


Public Speaking: An American Political Tradition

DICK HAVEN Professor Emeritus, Communication


Household Names: Case Studies of Strong, Enduring Brands

ROB BOOSTROM Assistant Professor, Marketing



The Wisdom of Ancient Trees

R. BRUCE ALLISON Arborist and Author, Wisconsin Historical Society Press


Quinceañeras: Rites of Passage, Nostalgia and Wisconsin Latino Families

PILAR MELERO Associate Professor, Languages and Literatures


Wisconsin From the Air: A New View on Our State

LAURIE GORMAN Executive Producer, Wisconsin Public Television


Ceramics From the Ancient Past and Into the Future

TERI FRAME Assistant Professor, Art and Design


The Timeless Value of the Works of Willa Cather

GUY REYNOLDS Director, The Cather Project, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The Big Read

Dr. Reynolds' lecture is part of The Big Read, a program of the National Endowment for the Arts in partnership with Arts Midwest.

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