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Fall 2017

Reflections on the Great War

In April 1917, President Woodrow Wilson asked for a “war to end all wars.” Shortly after,  Congress voted to declare war on Germany. One hundred years and the involvement of four million American military personnel later, we reflect on this war that Wilson hoped would make the world safer for democracy. What are the political and institutional legacies of the war? What impact did the war have on culture worldwide? Join us in recognizing 100 years and the legacy and lessons from the Great War.

Lectures in the Fairhaven Lecture Series are open to the public at no charge and are held on Mondays at 3:00 pm during the academic year in Fellowship Hall of Fairhaven Senior Services, 435 West Starin Road in Whitewater, Wisconsin. Guest/street parking is adjacent to the building​.



Back to the Future: The Great War, Nationalism, Imperialism, and the Failure of Internationalism

F. Peter Wagner Associate Professor, Political Science


Woodrow Wilson’s Reluctant March to War in Europe

Louis Fucilla Assistant Professor, Political Science



From Shell Shock to Spanish Flu: Impacts of the Great War on Health and Medicine

Elizabeth Hachten Assistant Dean, College of Letters and Sciences


To Do and Die: World War I Poetry and the End of Victorian Progress

John McGuigan Professor, Languages and Literatures


“No One Wants to Go to War”: African Participation in World War I

Adam Paddock Assistant Professor, History


Have We Learned the Lessons of the War to End All Wars?

Jonah Ralston Assistant Professor, Political Science


The 32nd Division’s Great War

Richard Pifer Freelance Historian and Author, Wisconsin Historical Society Press



How Long Must Women Wait for Liberty: Suffragettes, Loyalty, and Wartime Activism

Ashley Barnes-Gilbert Lecturer, Women’s and Gender Studies


The Great War and the Making of Arab Nationalism

Hala Ghoneim Associate Professor, Languages and Literatures


Much Ado About Nothing: Milwaukee’s German-American Community During World War I

Kevin Abing Archivist, Milwaukee County Historical Society


Marxism, Masaryk, and King Alexander’s Monkey: Rebuilding Eastern and Central Europe, 1917-1923

Karl Brown Assistant Professor, History

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